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The Boulders

Android - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher

  • Not much progress last week
  • Has tests running on tegra board. Going to take two days this week to focus on getting bear's buildbot stuff checked in.
  • Chrome jar-packaged tests still needs to get checked in

Mozmill Buildbot Integration - jhammel

  • jhammel on PTO

Better Performance Metrics - anode, ?

  • Worked on staging for e10s in talos, blocked on mac bustage
    • Will likely be more work on this during this week
  • Addons test broke due to new buildbot scheduling infratructure, should be fixed today
  • Page loader that is integrated, doing more staging runs with that
  • Getting closer to setting up a tools team talos staging environment.
    • Dealing with Firewalling issues, but should have it up by the end of the week
    • Once that comes up we need to teach people to do their own staging runs
  • Blocked on cycle collection tests - still waiting on dev's putting in the hooks for the testing.

CrossWeave - jgriffin

  • Crossweave identified a couple of good sync bugs last week that dev wasn't aware of, which generated some enthusiasm about the project. Dev has a couple of feature requests:
    • Add e-mail notifications when a test fails
    • Integrate some code coverage work that they're using with xpcshell sync tests
  • Need to move to permanent server this week

Firebug Test framework - ahal

  • Just pinged the bug again
  • Need to talk about next steps, only have two weeks left (I don't mind volunteering a couple of hours/week if needed)

Profile Manager - jgriffin, jhammel

  • We have an alpha ready for usabilty / UI review; will post links later today for download.
  • Still need to add support for Thunderbird, implement a few currently unimplemented features, and add more error handling.
  • Do we need to worry about making the code localizable?

Bug Hunter - bc

  • No one attended the demo last week :(
  • Resolved file descriptor issues!
  • Re-running all repro'd crashes and ensuring that we have bugs on file for them
  • Might want to consider lowering test process priority so that workers can keep control of them. Improved performance massively on crash reproduction.
  • Updated workers to sdk 7.

The Gravel

Mozmill 1.4.2 - harth, ctalbert et all

  • Got several bugs filed last week. Released beta 4 after fixing several of them.
  • Tab candy landing stole our thunder on the test day and broke several of shared modules.
  • Almost ready for release - there are 4 bugs to look at to determine if we're good to go.

GrafxBot - jgriffin

  • There's currently a discussion within the grafx team about whether beta 4 or beta 5 would be best for the big GrafxBot push (currently they seem to be leaning towards beta 4).
  • GrafxBot now has a home on AMO:
  • Need to implement all the UI suggestions I've received over the past few weeks so I can get the new version on AMO.
  • Need to implement the data posting model I tried last week during the brasstacks load test: when users post data to brasstacks from GrafxBot, it will just be written to a file, and will be inserted into the database later.
  • It looks like dev is thinking about taking the code I wrote to retrieve grafx hardware information in GrafxBot and adding it to the browser: bug 586046

Webdriver - ahal

  • Integrated webdriver 'demo' extension into mozmill and got the combined extension built and registered (i.e is using native events)
  • Still a bunch of issues (typing isn't always working, modifier keys etc.)
    • Haven't had time to look into them yet, but believe the cause is a focus problem and shouldn't be too difficult to fix
  • Will need to discuss packaging at some point

Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher, jgriffin, anode

  • Working on xpcshell first, rearranging the xpcshell test so that its generated manifest corresponds to source directories
  • Got an r+ on that, should land this week.

Jetpack Test Buildbot Integration - ctalbert

  • Need to follow up with the team

The Round Table

The Pulverized

  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support