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The Boulders

Android - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher

  • Bear made progress on getting stuff integrated with buildbot
  • Chrome package failed to land - but errors have been fixed
  • Ready to land it again
  • New Agent will land this week

Mozmill Buildbot Integration - jhammel

  • Talked to Jhford he put up another version of the UnittestPackageBuildFactory patch, currently reviewing
  • Jhford is slated to land the UPBF patch next week

Better Performance Metrics - anode, ?

  • Mostly setting up auto-tools staging environment
  • Keeping bug up-to-date. It's mostly poking holes in firewalls to access various utilities we need.
  • Hoping it will be up soon - mostly IT issues left.
  • Worked with jmaher to land E10S talos stuff.
  • Alterations to Talos to make it work with new features around XUL permissions
  • Cycle Collector test has stalled out waiting on dev's for the hooks we need; need to follow up with them.
    • We can now force a cycle collection
    • But we still need to disable auto-memory collection so that we know what state we're in after forcing a cycle collection
  • Addons performance testing - Wil has a meeting between Alice, Harth, Nick & Wil to figure out how they want addons perf testing to take place in the future and how they want reporting to happen.

CrossWeave - jgriffin

  • No change from last week; still need to get hosted on permanent machine and add a couple of features requested by devs.
  • Ctalbert fix up esxi host today for this

Firebug Test framework - ahal

  • Won't get this integrated before I leave (last day Friday)
  • Will need to set this up on anode's staging environment to see how it works
    • In preparation for this, made it into a pypi package (runFBTests), so should be very straight forward to setup
    • Still some minor features I might add this week

Profile Manager - jgriffin, jhammel

  • Got UX feedback last week from the UX team
  • Finish this week - implementing the last set of features
  • Once that is done, send to bsmedberg and beltzner to get their comments on it

Bug Hunter - bc

  • ESX 4 host is up and running in Phoenix
  • Getting the winxp reference machine ready to go
  • Vista and centos vms - we should get phong to copy those directly out to phoenix. Ctalbert will help with this
  • Over the weekend, finished processing July 12's data, finding a crash and valgrind regression
  • VM setup and moving to Phoenix.

The Gravel

Mozmill 1.4.2 - harth, ctalbert et all

  • Should release this week!
  • Need to update the timeout bug error message.

GrafxBot - jgriffin

  • Finished UI updates and db changes
  • Need to add ability to restart Firefox, in order to toggle hardware acceleration on Linux & Mac

Webdriver - ahal

  • Have native mouse clicks and keypress integrated with Mozmill
  • Still several issues to work out, including a Catch 22 with the editor and x_ignore_nofocus lib
  • May go to Google tomorrow for Selenium/Webdriver meetup
  • Should go over this with someone before I go

Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher, jgriffin, anode

  • Tried to land a prerequisite patch last week and it got backed out
  • Need to re-land this week.

Jetpack Test Buildbot Integration - ctalbert

  • Need to land the runcfx script this week into jetpack repo
  • Need to work with Lukas to make sure it gets run in staging or run it myself in Alice's staging system.

The Round Table

  • The content team is ready for us to jump in and help remove universal xpconnect from mochitests. Can we assemble a tiger team for either later this week or next to do this? (see bug 582472)
  • Trying out packaging Ted's idea on packaging debug runtime on windows machines
  • Filed a bug last week on doing stuff with debugCRT messages: bug 587982. It might really help on the randomorange issue. Having the ability to not have these modals show up should help us not have to stop the tests when this happens.
    • We can probably just fix that straight away.

The Pulverized

  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support