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The Boulders

  • War On Orange - jgriffin, jhammel, jmaher
    • trying to get flume agent working
    • We have it inserting some of the parsed logs into the HIVE db
    • Found out that the metrics team will only actually be storing the output of the log parser in the database, so we are going to change the log parser to output the entire log - passes and fails so that we have all that data.
    • Moving the couch db to brasstacks.
      • Spent a day last week to optimize the site, but it seems to be the site that is hosting the page. Hopefully that will work out better on brasstacks
      • Going to move to doing daily calculations of orange factor instead of a cumulative over all known time.
      • Blog Post last week on elvis314. Will keep updating that with notes on how to best use the data going forward.
  • Nightly Tester Tools - harth, jhammel
    • Met last week to plan out releases and features
    • Releasing 0.5 in the next few days
      • Removing the NTT extension compat settings, adding in a checkbox to turn off the extension compat prefs
      • Adding an about nightly page to display information on the nightly build and about the extension.
  • Integrate Mozmill into Buildbot - jhammel
    • 1.5.1 RC2 released to pypi last week, held off on m-c push because whimboo found something at the last minute. Need to understand if that is a real blocker or not.
    • TFAIL bizarrely found on releng staging; need to test locally
  • Productize Pulse - bc, legneato
    • Should see some progress this week

The Gravel

  • Bug Hunter - bc
    • Rolled out 20 vms, melted down the ESXi
    • Working through the last set of issues with IT (hopefully)
    • Finding crashes - should let crashkill folks know that this service is now available again
  • Mozmill 2.0 beta - harth, ctalbert, jhammel
    • need to figure out a better way to make API-ish; ctalbert has some ideas
  • Profile Manager - jgriffin
    • Coding mostly done, except some minor cleanup.
    • Waiting on IT to provide a location on for builds, then I'll add some docs to devmo and write a blog post.
    • Nobody has sent in a cool icon, so we're going to be stuck with a VERY LAME icon!
    • Will start working on getting an automation harness running ala Crossweave, that will run the xpcshell tests on a continual basis.
  • Jetpack Test Integration - ctalbert
    • Turned on and reporting to m-c
    • Still a few issues getting it running smoothly, but they seem to be internal to the jetpack tool.
  • Special Powers - ctalbert
    • Debug the mochitest failures this week.
    • Hopefully land by end of week
  • Android Buildbot Integration - jmaher, ctalbert, bmoss
    • New agent with timezone information needs to be checked in
    • Can also run with an environment setting so that we can run js shell remotely
    • Need to remote JS ""
    • REALLY need an agent fuzzer, remote testing on maemo, and a test system to hit the python and java agents.
  • Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher
  • Bug-stats Websites - mcote
    • Reviewed first iteration with smooney and damons
    • Planned for second iteration this week--improved UI, search links
    • Adding more stats to blocker-reports
  • Socorro stackwalk rework - ted
    • bug 607831 and dependencies
    • Going to convert text-format symbols to new binary-format on the symbol server, details in bug
    • Blocking bugs all about logistics of converting symbols


The Misc

The Pulverized

  • Crossweave
  • Grafx Bot
  • Firebug Test Support
  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support
  • Breakpad for Android