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Discuss Q2 goals.


  • Tp5
  • Addon Perf
  • Responsiveness
    • Platform patch landed but bounced, will fix and re-land
    • Talked to Dietrich who is driving this from the Firefox side, and he has some different ideas (of course)

General Infra

  • Refactoring toward mozharness
  • Native events system
  • E10s Support (fixing talos for desktop, fixing special powers, fixing mochitest)
    • enablePrivilege removal continues
  • Autolog
  • Autobot
  • BugHunter

New Harnesses

  • Android support for developers now?
  • Eideticker
  • Mozmill 2.0
  • Jetpack support (ongoing)
  • TPS Reports
  • Speed Tests
  • Memory Addon (better memory tracking)