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Notices, Discussion Points Etc

A new section to highlight high priority items, or to discuss issues with the entire team. Feel free to add something below. We won't solve things in this meeting, but if there's help you need from the rest of the team, let's figure that out first.

  • Jgriffin is out all week -- ctalbert is filling in for him as best he can
  • Sam Liu, our summer intern starts today!

The Boulders


  • Bug Hunter - bc
    • Have sample views and templates up and running
    • adding support for aurora and beta to the old sisyphus stuff
  • Mozmill 2.0/1.5.x - harth, jhammel, ctalbert
    • End of the road triage this week.
    • Only a week or two left until 2.0.


  • Talos/Addon Testing Service - ctalbert, anode
    • Started to construct the sendchange mechanism as a simple webdevice that sits atop the addons master
    • Have the basic stuff working now.
    • Going to require changes on the buildbot custom side of the world as well, so be working on that this week.
  • Talos/Tp5 - anode
    • Done!
    • Only thing blocking is convincing releng rolling it out. They are waiting on approval for catlee and Oduinn. Issue is that it will increase load on production talos pool for the small period where we'll have to run both at the same time.
  • Talos/XPerf - jmaher
    • updating talos/bcontroller patch for cleaner integration of xperf
    • eta this week for full set of updated patches

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log - jgriffin, mcote
    • Rolled out yet more UI changes and fixes.
    • Switched the back end to a prototype of the new WebUXPlatform, which fixed an important bug (lack of proper threading) and noticeably improved performance. Work continues.
  • Bugzilla Improvements - dkl, glob
    • Business as usual.
    • Feedback with the new guided bug entry form on the staging server, it's now going under peer review.
    • REST API work continues
    • 4.2 is feature frozen so we are going to start pre-emptively start branching and merging our work into that codebase to be able to release quickly.

Tool Infrastructure

  • MozBase - jmaher, ted, jhammel
    • (Formally the Mozharness/buildbot integration)
    • Mozprocess ready to go. Addressing the last bits of review comments and ensuring tests work on all platforms. Should land today \o/
  • SpecialPowers - ted, ctalbert, jmaher
    • Working on moving tests into the chrome harness
  • Web UX Platform - mcote, harth
    • jgriffin reviewed mcote's server side prototype, which will be spun off into its own package. Still thinking about front ends.

The Gravel


  • Supporting Releng with Android Automation Rollout - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher
    • pending patch for firefox_beta, needs approval bug 657981
    • waiting on tegra staging to see if we are green for jsreftests on m-c
    • m-c->m-a merge tomorrow, should see a lot of green then.

  • Firebug Test Automation - ctalbert
    • No details
  • Crossweave 2 - jgriffin
    • Better integration with autolog


  • User Responsiveness Measurement - ted
  • SpeedTestsJS - mcote
    • Got it running well on the second windows machine. Still can't reboot though. Need to figure that out, but otherwise, the runs are good and constant, should announce it soon.

Web Tools

  • Bug Hunter UI - mcote, bc
    • Mcote to start on it this week
  • Toolbox - jhammel, harth

Tool Infrastructure

  • Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher, jhammel
    • landed xpcshell manifests, some grumbling but folks seem to be adapting to it


  • Profile Manager - jgriffin
    • Existing profile manager won't be stripped from Firefox in FF5 or 6, so will release existing version of Profile Manager soon and call it done.

The Misc

The Pulverized

  • Fennec Profile Manager Tool
  • Productize Pulse
  • Profile Manager v1
  • Breakpad for Android
  • Crossweave
  • Grafx Bot
  • Firebug Test Support
  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support