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  • Welcome jeads! I think mdas gets to keep her "least time spent as the newbie on the team", but wlach is a close second!
  • Ctalbert mostly WFH this week, but should be around -- dr. appts monday pm and friday am.


  • Work with release engineering to reduce overall end-to-end time from push to test result to an average of 2 hours.
  • Ensure all harnesses and tests are E10S ready
  • Improve performance testing by finalizing user-activated addons performance system, xperf-enabled performance testing, and automating a user responsiveness performance test.


  • Go Faster (P1) - jgriffin, ted, mdas, bc, ctalbert, wlach
    • potentially running mochitests that never fail less often - jgriffin
    • Go Faster Dashboards - wlach
      • Now updated with live data at
      • 'Is this build faster tool?' webui up (using jgriffin's backend)
      • Licensing of highcharts.js makes dashboard software non-free :(
    • mochitest profiling suite - mdas
    • Faster unpack/clobber times - wlach
      • No real wins there :( {bug|
  • Mobile Support (P1) - jmaher, bmoss, ctalbert
    • Landed patch to remove etc/hosts file to fix the big "crash in tpan bug"
    • Next bug is a failure to launch which seems to be a problem in fork in the OS, jchen has a patch
    • xpcshell tests using ADB is landing, and we'll be working on porting that to use the SUT Agents and into the tegra automation
    • Tegra Pool Automation - jhammel: no progress
  • Bug Hunter (P1) - bc
    • Bug Hunter UI - mcote, bc
      • Auth UI done along with some refactoring and cleaning. Should be ready for jeads to jump in!
  • Mozmill 2.0/1.5.x (P1) - jhammel, harth, ctalbert
    • bug 659488 is turning into a time-pit; trying to figure out a good resolution there
  • Crossweave 2 (TPS) - jgriffin
    • Landing patch that enables Mozmill tests in TPS today
    • Working on follow-up patch which exposes some Sync API's to those Mozmill tests


  • Talos/User Responsiveness (P1) - anode, ted
    • Moving forward with the plan to use ted's tool to generate a single responsiveness metric
    • It will be difficult to get regressions out of but will give you an idea of whether a given build is more or less responsive than another build.
  • Talos/Addon Testing Service (P1) - anode
    • Final cleanup on graphserver
    • Ready to do a full system rollout and pushing tests through the system
  • Talos General (P1) - anode
    • Updating the flash plugin for tp - ready to land, if anyone has other patches that will need a downtime then we should land them at the same time.
  • Talos/Xperf (P2) - jmaher
    • Landed changes for talos/xperf to log data to autolog, this should be deployed today. Only three machines left that need tools installed, Armen is working on that with IT.
    • Finishing up the last buildbot config patch to turn these on by default
  • SpeedTests (P2) - mcote
    • Working on some client changes.
  • Eideticker (P2) - mcote
    • Dev box should be arriving here within a week or so.

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log (P1) - jgriffin, mcote
    • Some oranges have been hidden in TBPL for quite a while due to various bugs; need to develop OF view which allows these to be hunted down easily.
    • More work on test failure correlations.
  • Bugzilla Improvements (P1) - dkl, glob
    • tell-us-more : development work ongoing, requirements shifting
    • there are now exactly zero stray moco blessed accounts on BMO (was: 64)
    • inline history is coming to BMO this week
    • last week saw a lot of work around the new rapid release version, exposing some limitations in bugzilla that need to be worked around
    • ongoing work with porting over to 4.2
  • Regression Hunter (P1) - harth
    • Still waiting on IT to get the machine that will store the builds
  • DXR Automation/Support {P2} - mdas
    • No progress; there is no dedicated DXR contact and I'm experiencing more build errors. Should have a DXR contact soon (taras will update me)
  • Personal Bugzilla Dashboard (P2) - harth
    • Preview release this week

Tool Infrastructure

  • SpecialPowers (P1) - jmaher, ted
    • Stalled due to some leaks that are showing up post-checkin on some of the patches
    • Has a patch for setting preferences that makes it more synchronous.
      • Also ensures that all preferences that are set are removed when the test ends
  • MozBase (P2) - jmaher, jhammel, ted
    • Discussions about how to install mozbase packages into m-c/test machines/developer environments
    • Should have a proposal this week
  • Web UX Platform (P2) - mcote, harth
    • wlach has been making a few improvements.
  • flyingtanks - mcote
    • No updates.