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  • Welcome to Trevor Fairey, our new Mountain View based Intern.
    • He'll be working with us through December, say hi and introduce yourselves.


  • Work with release engineering to reduce overall end-to-end time from push to test result to an average of 2 hours.
  • Ensure all harnesses and tests are E10S ready
  • Improve performance testing by finalizing user-activated addons performance system, xperf-enabled performance testing, and automating a user responsiveness performance test.


  • Mobile Support (P1) - jmaher, bmoss, ctalbert
    • Developers working on a patch to OS's fork so that we can address the "getInfo" failure where tests fail because we fail to load a web page.
    • Releng being more deliberate about deciding whether something is a purple or red or etc
    • Tegra Pool Automation - jhammel, ??
    • Still getting crappy crashes from mobile
      • Ted is going to rebuild his extension so that we can try to crowd source better symbols from users.
  • Bug Hunter (P1) - bc
    • Having meeting later today, working toward the new UI
    • Bug Hunter UI - mcote, bc
      • Some bug fixes and improvements.
      • jeads made an ER diagram and is learning the system.
  • Crossweave 2 - jgriffin
    • Still working on patch to expose Sync API's to Mozmill tests
    • Sync is getting a new feature: ability to sync add-ons (including install, upgrade, and delete)...need to start working on a plan to add testing for this into TPS.


  • Talos/User Responsiveness (P1) - anode, ted
    • Working on putting together a metric for what the developers want - should have patch this week.
  • Talos/Addon Testing Service (P1) - anode
    • Addon performance is going into beta this week. Probably going to be considered beta for a while
    • Should hopefully be consistent enough so that we can disable the weekly talos addon test from the main pool of talos slaves
  • Talos/General (P1) - anode
    • Updating flash on the slaves - become a bit more complicated due to 32/64bit systems
  • Talos/Xperf (P2) - jmaher
    • Xperf should be live tomorrow after buildbot reconfig - should see results in autolog.
  • SpeedTests (P2) - mcote
    • Mostly done new client, which runs each test in its own browser session rather than chaining them together, and proxies results through the local client.
      • This isolates the tests, in case one test causes a crash.
      • This also allows results to be presented locally, so users can run the suite without submitting results to the central db.
    • Working on a new results front-end.
  • Eideticker (P2) - mcote
    • Dev machine was shipped last Thursday; should hopefully arrive this week.

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log (P1) - jgriffin, mcote
    • Security review is underway; mcote answered some questions and helped the reviewer set up a local copy for investigation. No results yet.
    • bug 680164 was discovered using OF data; fixing this problem has resulted in a comedy of 20 oranges, all of which were not being reported in TBPL due to this bug.
  • Bugzilla Improvements (P1) - dkl, glob
    • inline-history deployed
    • deployed new firefox review flag and mechanics
    • new: abusive comment reporting mechanism (pre-planning stage)
    • new: autolander bugzilla interface (also pre-planning, setting up meeting with Lukas Blakk)
    • Some small changes to Splinter and the Mozilla Reps forms pushed out.
    • Various other small changes and administrative tasks
  • Regression Hunter (P1) - harth
  • DXR Automation/Support {P2} - mdas
    • Focused on mochitest stuff this past week since there's no DXR lead yet, and probably won't be for a month, but jcranmer (former intern) is now more available and I can refer to him. Will be working on this after profiling suite is done.
  • Personal Bugzilla Dashboard (P2) - harth
    • UI breakthrough this weekend, should make something available tomorrow
    • Will first host on github to try out the preview.

Tool Infrastructure

  • SpecialPowers (P1) - jmaher, ted
    • Reviews done, attempted to land the special powers refactor on friday
    • Hit leaks, so bounced. Could use some help reviewing the leaks and getting them fixed.
    • Been a lot of work cleaning up tests, so there's been a lot of progress there.
  • MozBase (P2) - jmaher, jhammel, ted
    • still charting the details for python importing and where things live; updated communique soon
  • Web UX Platform (P2) - mcote, harth
    • wlach made some minor improvements, landing soon?
  • flyingtanks - mcote
    • No updates.


Overheard in the Mountain View office this morning...

  • BMOSS walks in
  • BMOSS: Hi Jeffrey! Back from SF?
  • JHAMMEL: Yeah...haven't figured out vidyo from there...
  • BMOSS sits down, realizes phone is dead, starts pulling the battery out to reset it.
  • BMOSS (mutters): I'll be glad when your replacement gets here you stupid piece of crap.
  • JHAMMEL: Bob, you know I can hear you, right?