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  • New Meeting Format
  • Volunteer "Job Descriptions"


  • Achieve and maintain a 5% or less intermittent orange rate for Android automation (talos and tests) to achieve parity with desktop intermittent orange rates.
  • Expand and enhance our test and performance automation to anticipate and address needs for Fennec and B2G
  • Deploy user responsiveness automation into production
  • Full List Here


  • Goal 1 (Mobile Stability) - jmaher, wlach, jhammel
  • Mozbase
    • starting to look at Mozbase + moztalos situation
    • working on issues integrating with peptest
    • Mozharness/Mozbase meeting at 1PM PDT on Wednesdays
  • Goal 2 (Expand Mobile) - jgriffin, mdas, wlach
    • Marionette/Eideticker mtg at 10AM PDT on Thursdays
    • Marionette
      • Had productive meeting last Friday
      • Mdas working on Marionette actor in the remote debugger
      • Jgriffin working on defining the JSON protocol that Marionette will use, plus a Python testrunner that may eventually evolve into the Selenium -> Marionette proxy
    • Eideticker
      • wlach on holiday
  • Goal 3 (User Responsiveness) - ahal, ted
    • Talos User Responsiveness
      • No updates since last week, planning to look into 10.5 hangs this week
    • Peptest
      • Ahal on holiday, working with catlee on landing in buildbot automation
  • SpecialPowers for all test harnesses - jmaher, ted
    • Landed the three big patches, other patches now up for review to clean up more of the harness.
    • With these few patches down to 7 or 8 instances of enable privilege in mochitest.
  • Bugzilla 4.2/Pulse/Rest API - dkl, glob
    • 4.2 looking good; need to sort out a staging env with IT
    • Pulse BMO extension needs reworking to decrease the CPAN dependancies
    • BzHome - harth
      • Going to demo at the monday meeting today
  • Bughunter Deployment - bc, jeads
    • Has patch for UI environment
    • Working through deployment issues with it today
  • Firefox 10 Spidering - bc
    • Working on this this week
  • Mozmill E10S Deployment - jhammel, ahal
    • mozmill ready for 2.0 branching, e10s to be done on trunk
  • Pandaboards OS/Flash automation - ctalbert
    • Power cords on order should be here this week