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New Format

For the month of November, we're trying a new format. Each week we will have an MC who will do a quick (no more than 5 minute) update on where our various projects are. Then we'll have an open forum to announce specific project meetings and/or any announcements, questions, topics, or frustrations people want to elevate.

The Overview


    • QA field migration still in review by dkl, time consuming as it requires importing a BMO snapshot locally, then running migration script.
    • Work to make bugzilla send messages directly to pulse almost complete, still waiting on legneato for example pulse messages or source to his bridge to make sure this will actually work in production.
    • glob working on error reporting using arecibo (also used by webapps team), kind of complicated to integrate into bugzilla (which has three different mechanisms for error reporting)
    • glob working on performance investigations of bugzilla, particularly when it's under heavy load. We had some pretty interesting traffic spikes on Tue/Wed last week. Pretty graphs:

Bmo-load.png Bmo-net.png.

    • Applied a nice patch from Alex Keybl be able to add custom text automatically whenever a flag is changed (bug 695698). Should be very helpful for certain release management tasks. Thanks Alex!


  • Various IT roadblocks removed, only thing left is a read-only database from IT but that looks to be moving forward
  • jeads and bc still working on usability/data issues in the bughunter UI.
  • Everyone loves screenshots!



  • More work done on page load API to be more flexible (can now easily capture results from any of the mobile_tp5 pageset: should be trivial to extend to all the page load tests)
  • Started work on a capture analysis API
    • Thinking about creating a special eideticker file format for easily sharing captures and results (should help with parallelizing work on analysis)
  • Fixed video card should be arriving at wlach's place today or tomorrow. Should do a nice writeup on this later in the week, hopefully!


  • jgriffin has B2G working in a QEMU emulator, working on getting Marionette running in that environment.
  • mdas working on updating Marionette to work in birch branch of Fennec, and other marionette commands (execute/executeAsync for chrome context, getElement calls, etc.)
  • jgriffin to be working on mechanism to execute javascript in chrome scope (probably will allow to switch into chrome scope with a switch context API, so as to maintain compatibility with Selenium)

Mobile automation

  • Mobile automation now at <3% failure rate, not many actionable bugs- mostly random oranges now
  • tfair did a bunch of experiments with Robotium last week. Going ahead with using a combination of Robotium and various Android utilities for doing front-end automation for native Fennec. The code name for this project is "Robocop"
    • Robocop will be a testing activity that runs in the same application as the fennec, so it has access to a lot of java internals. Yays!


  • ahal cleaned up mozinstall for the 21st century
  • wlach spent some time prototyping a new mozrunner class for mobile (bug 697486) and integrating it with a branch of talos
  • mozhttpd landed in mozbase! ahal using it in peptest
  • jhammel planning to work on making Talos use mozprofile (from mozbase) this week.

Pep test


  • jmaher spent some time tracking down issues with the responsiveness branch of talos, the problem was that we were running the responsiveness tests on branches (aurora, beta) which do not have support for the new responsiveness-measuring functionality. Plan is try landing this week for mozilla-central only.
  • jhammel fixed a bunch of issues in Talos and added an installer script
  • BYK made Talos exit noisily on an exception (bug 698561). Thanks BYK!

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

Put your questions and things to raise with the entire team here



  • Andy Rooney: "My Lucky Life". "A writer’s job is to tell the truth. I believe that if all the truth were known about everything in the world, it would be a better place to live."