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New Format

For the month of November, we're trying a new format. Each week we will have an MC who will do a quick (no more than 5 minute) update on where our various projects are. Then we'll have an open forum to announce specific project meetings and/or any announcements, questions, topics, or frustrations people want to elevate.

The Overview


  • BMO Error Notification system based on Arecibo code review complete, waiting on security review, which will include a decision regarding if it's secure to use an existing Arecibo instance, or if BMO will require a dedicated one.
  • BMO is going to be added to the Webtrends site analysis system, but we're waiting on approval from a privacy standpoint. This will allow for gathering fine grained statistics on BMO traffic (currently no visitor data is gathered).
  • New entry form completed and ready for push live for Security Group for filing employee incidents.
  • BrowserID support coming to BMO, currently waiting security review,
  • New extension for adding custom comment text when someone changes a flag state taken over by BMO team and under review.
  • Sent notice to members of infrasec group to turn on SecureMail feature for private bugs. Will encypt all email notifications for private bugs for the infrasec group. Just waiting on full buy in before turning it on.
  • QA contact migration pushed back slightly to be done after a couple of other database changing features have been pushed live, and is still pending review.
  • Some incremental work on Pulse/REST/Performance.


  • bc worked out a variety of data/usability improvements that jeads implemented, like:
    • We can now select a particular signature and your selected view will be updated with just entries with the matching signature. Currently works when in the same window, jeads is working on cross window:

Select the type of crash you're interested in:


After selecting the signature in the main panel, the crashes of the type you selected will be filtered to have the signature you selected:




  • jgriffin got B2G/Marionette integration going, working with the remote-debug team to land a patch that enables us to use their transport layer without their actors.
  • can now set context to have test commands get run in either chrome or context, though not all commands are supported yet
  • still need to flesh out the test format for webAPI/tests that require emulation
  • mdas working on getting fennec/birch with marionette to work under emulation

Mobile automation

  • Ted has been working on getting ARMv6 builds working (Motivation: 62% of android install base is on ARMv6):
    • Identified that stlport was being compiled in a separate mode (Thumb instead of ARM), but despite fixing this, there are still more errors in linking.
    • UI will come up in debug mode (which bypasses our custom linking), but it was non-functional, so there are still more issues.
    • Related to bug 697205


  • After discussion, it was decided to mirror mozbase in m-c while having their master repos living in github
  • jhammel did some bug fixes


  • jhammel worked on integrating talos into mozharness, fixing some talos bugs on the way
  • First working draft of mozharness is on its way!

Pep test

  • Patch submitted to get tests checked into m-c



  • Framework is in place for getting Talos dependencies working under virtualenv
  • minor cleanups were made to accommodate Eideticker
  • '--develop' configuration option was created to launch a local webserver by default to work with Talos.
  • new staging environment!
  • Responsiveness will be rolled out onto m-c next week after being fixed (see bug 697555)


  • has a new owner: jhammel!

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

Put your questions and things to raise with the entire team here

  • bc would like to perform spider investigation of mobile UAs and video.
  • ctalbert needs webdev help with cross-browser mobile automation.

ahal has a bunch of things he wants to bring up:

  • Was slightly annoyed with mozconfigs and also bored, so wrote a new tool called mozconfigwrapper.
    • It's basically virtualenvwrapper except for mozconfigs.
    • Not sure how useful it is, but feel free to try it out and send feedback.
    • Unix only for now.
  • Creating a standard automated test "platform"
    • When you strip out a small amount of functionality, peptest is basically just a way to run a bunch of javascript files in chrome scope
    • If we did things like make reporting and the test API plug-in-able, should be easy for anyone to write their own test harness for whatever purposes they want.
    • Probably not a priority, but may be worth thinking about
    • At the very least I'll start thinking of peptest as a platform.. it won't hurt
  • Going back to the e-mail I sent last week on test/harness packaging in m-c..
    • Does anyone have any ideas? Should we schedule a meeting?
    • Or is mirroring mozbase + future harnesses to m-c the standard we want to use going forward and leave it at that.