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New Format

For the month of November, we're trying a new format. Each week we will have an MC who will do a quick (no more than 5 minute) update on where our various projects are. Then we'll have an open forum to announce specific project meetings and/or any announcements, questions, topics, or frustrations people want to elevate.

The Overview


  • Changes to the bug entry form for Legal department.
  • Some incremental work on Pulse/REST/Performance.

     - REST getting to close to beta release
     - Fix in mail queue system to reuse DB handles instead of new ones
for each email notification.

  •  Some UI improvements

     - hiding email recipient list for normal accounts
     - shortcut menu drop down when cloning a bug into the same product/component
     - cosmetic changes to list of cc members when viewing a bug

  • Other administrative work such as code pushes, product and account maintenance.


  • Jeads has implemented cross-window signalling.
  • Been working on some changes for data munging
  • bc figured out a configuration bug in fast cgi.


  • going to start using Marionette after execute_async starts working in chrome scope
  • Progress on web interface.
  •     Will be doing server-side analysis, allowing others to do their own analysis.
  •     Check out what wlach has so far:



  • Battery API test up and running
  • Now runs without an extension.
  • B2G Build machine being worked on this week.
  • Preparing code for security review.
  • mdas working on JSON stuff like executeAsync
  • jgriffin working on consuming the qemu log and unit tests.
  • See more here:

Mobile automation


  • See Talos update.

Pep test

  • Peptests are now in m-c
  • Peptest harness with mozbase not. Waiting on review.


  • Patch made to link it into build system
  • Working on Tegras now. There was an issue with tight loops in java that broke them earlier.
  • Working on Talos integration


  • Fix landed for talos to do process discovery, blew up when rolled out.
  •     Wasn't caught in recently-updated staging causing a big backout.
  •     New fix posted on Friday for
  • jhammel's fix to get talos running on mozharness caused some problems
  •      backed out. jhammel looking into it.

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

  • Platform Meeting (all platform engineers) Tuesday at 11AM, Conf # 8605.
  • Mobile Test Automation Wednesday at 10:30AM #304
  • Thursday/Friday off for US employees (Something about Black Friday I think)

Round Table

Put your questions and things to raise with the entire team here


For the sake of Movember:

For those who want to see a red blob jump on a trampoline:

The general problem