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The Overview

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  • General triage, maintenance and bug fixes



  • executeScript, executeAsync fully added
    • Basically test scripts are loaded from another machine into a chrome sandbox on the target device. This functionality allows the test script to make API calls asynchronously on the target device.
  • navigate support added (fennec only)
    • e.g opening urls
  • element locating added (pulled largely from selenium)
  • preliminary click functionality added (works in fennec content)
  • other misc. bugs and fixes
    • including regression caused in fx 8
  • Jgriffin created a test runner for marionette

Mobile automation


  • Patch to get mozbase checked in to m-c reviewed and waiting for commit
  • Added smart log level indenting to mozlog (makes logs prettier)


  • Patch to get harness reviewed and waiting to be checked in
  • Integrated the metric that Talos Responsiveness uses
    • Can now specify a per-test failure threshold (tests will only fail if they have a metric greater than the threshold).


  • make target patch for robotium in the queue (make mochitest-robotium)
  • some work on replacing tpan with robotium
    • tpan is a talos test that tests scrolling performance.. however this won't work on the Android native tools

Tegra Pool

  • Start publicizing (blog)
  • Found minor bugs with obscure use cases


  • talos rss (resident set size) went into staging
    • this queries OS for memory usage after a test run
  • talos responsiveness (tp5) landed in staging last Thursday



  • Bumped to version 1.5.7
    • Includes some minor bug fixes


  • WebRTC (real time communication) for video conferencing (
    • Joint project with google == some wonky build setup
  • ted is taking a break from ARMv6 building and is helping getting this building properly on Windows.


  • Having trouble keeping up with sheer volume of logs
    • Log parser is now multi process
    • This helps but not enough, still more work to be done

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone

Round Table

Put your questions and things to raise with the entire team here

  • Decision on whether to keep this format going forward.
  • End of quarter in 4 weeks. Ping me NOW if any projects aren't going to make it