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The Overview

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  • Committed new feature to allow certain flags to add text to a bug comment when a status is selected. This will allow asking canned questions for the requestee, etc.
  • Committed a few small changes to speed up certain operations in Bugzilla such as user auto-completion.
  • Finally enabled inline attachments for review requests. Had to disable it due to a bug that was fixed upstream this past week.
  • Auto-CC requestees to bugs when a flag is requested of them.
  • New bug entry form for WinQual specific bug reports.
  • There was a planned outage last Sunday night at 7:30pm PST to push some new code and update the database schema. The rollout went well.


  • Added Site Test and Unit Test Assertion data views.
    • There are three data presentations for assertions: Assertions, Assertion URL Summary, and Related Assertions.
    • Currently working on Unit Test Valgrind data. The presentation of the Valgrind data should be complete within the week, then we will be developing a list of view Collections to use as the landing page.


  • IT is actively testing the new cluster, bc worked with IT to get one of his VM's on the cluster for testing.


  • wlach spent most of the week on building a new harness using mozbase components.
    • This includes a sample test based on MS IE fishtank demo.
    • The new mozbase components will provide a simple foundation for developers to write Eideticker tests on.
  • Tried to get the pandaboard outputting to the blackmagic capture card, but no luck there yet...


  • ctalbert, jgriffen, and mdas - Triaged, triangulated, and otherwise joined forces to get b2g automation working.
    • b2g automation system is now setup to do continuous integration testing on b2g builds. It syncs, builds, publishes build to pulse (the automation box), queries pulse, downloads the build, installs it, and runs the tests in an emulator and finally publishes results to auto log.
      • (I'm thinking version 2 could do your grocery shopping, laundry, and wash all of your household pets... think of the vast market potential!)
    • Execute/execute async calls now have webelement support, enabling users to access/retrieve DOM elements from any script executed remotely.
    • Attempted to merge marionette with birch (Native UI version of fennec) but ran into problems with the remote-debugger's code, shelving for now.
  • Example of the first ever fully automated b2g test run: you need to be on MPT VPN to see this.
  • Up Next:
    • mdas will be testing how marionette works with desktop firefox and developing some b2g proof of concept tests.
    • jgriffen and mdas are off to Taipei to join the b2g work week, from their cozy haunted hotel, they will be getting things rolling with Marionette for developers working on b2g.
    • Anyone feeling particularly festive and charitable might consider sending jgriffen a care package of coffee/tequila/churos to keep him amicable and awake.

Mobile Automation

  • jmaher did some Native fennec automation (android maintenance): reftest patch should be landed next week; debugging some failures with a bootstrap extension
  • ctalbert is engaging in hand-to-hand combat with cross browser startup, he will be working on re-implementing how it works because the nexus phones cannot stay on the wireless netowork, which needs to be fixed.


  • jhammel has a work in progress buildbot for mozbase testing up and running. It can be found here



  • Landed the Peptest harness in mozilla central and uploaded it to pypi.
  • Wrote a make target patch that is just waiting for all the trees to re-open. This enables developers to do "make peptest" to run the tests.
  • Wrote some test cases for actual bugs and attached them to said bugs to try and get some more exposure.
  • Did some general refactoring / bug fixes
  • mcote wrote a blog about Peptest with some examples was also encouraging ateamers to use the #mozauto twitter hashtag!/search?q=%23mozauto


  • jmaher: 2 steps forward, 1 step back; we have everything integrated into a clean patch (; using new test API structure defined by AutomatedTester (QA team); still need to get it running solid before giving to the developers
  • tfair: now there's a driver class loaded by each of the tests

Tegra Pool

Nothing to see here move along.


  • jmaher: rolled out latest versions this week for desktop and mobile and everything looks good. Starting to integrate mozbase modules into talos
  • jhammel: most of the week was spent dealing with talos regressions and setting up a tablet for talos tesing


  • Nothing to see here move along.


  • Nothing to see here move along.


  • Nothing to see here move along.


  • jgriffen refactored the WOO logparser so it isn't falling behind as often as it used to. Still planning to split the load between two machines to improve things further.

War On Orange

  • Added support for JSONP so that Bugzilla can directly use it, also fixed some bugs.
  • mcote wrote a first draft of an abstract for a presentation of War on Orange for an automation conference in Turkey.

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

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  • Got some new kittens, need some names, they're brother and sister. I'm currently calling them "boy cat" and "girl cat" but there must be something better...