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The Overview


  • Initial code BMO/Pulse integration being reviewed.
  • Some performance work on several bug pages, possible optimizations in the works.
  • Weekly code push bringing in several fixes/enhancements/security
  • Various BMO administrative tasks (products, components, etc.)
  • Upstream 4.2 release getting closer
  • Security review request created for new OrangeFactor BMO extension. scheduled for Q1 of next year.


  • UI: A number of bug fixes and a few new features.


  • Green/red screen detection, to detect start/end of tests, nearly finished.
  • Increased efficiency in frame-processing code.


  • Some work on getting gonk (new backend to replace "raw" android) working with qemu (Android emulator). Slow going, so work passed off to b2g team.
  • Made some improvements to pure JS tests; should land soon.
  • Plans hatching to add a web server.

Mobile Automation

  • Started landing patches for reftest in native fennec; should be ready next week.
  • Almost ready to turn on talos tests for android-xul.
  • Mobile startup automation was turned back on with data running through on 2011/12/15 but froze a while later; ctalbert is debugging it.


  • Discussion proceeding on continuous integration of mozbase.
  • Various fixes, including the elimination of the cruft binary-finding method.
  • Reaching out to Jetpack team to get their test harness to use mozbase.


  • ahal working with aki to get peptest on try
  • added support for QA automation's shared modules


  • Last of the Java reflexivity (accessing fennec source) bugs hopefully fixed.
  • Patches getting r+ed and legal review proceeding.
  • Patches will start landing 2011/12/16; working with releng on staging next week.

Tegra Pool

  • Nada.


  • Talos has tests! Well, exactly one test at the moment.
  • Getting ready to start rolling mozprocess/mozrunner into talos proper.
  • Waiting on bear's approval for putting the create-talos-zip patch to production.


  • Nada.


  • Just a few test fixes.


  • Nada.

War On Orange

  • A few more small bug fixes.
  • Submitted a presentation abstract to TestIstanbul conference.
  • Going to start splitting long queries into many shorter ones to avoid excess load on ES server.
    • This will make it possible to add the tool to estimate when oranges were introduced ("Orange Seed") without killing the database. May renew interest in the War on Orange.
  • IT fixed the source of the killer ES latency.


  • jgriffin setting up a b2g build machine.
  • jgriffin also reviewing TPS patches submitted by sync devs and looking at supporting navigator.mozApps.

Upcoming Events

All times Pacific Time, click on link to find your timezone


  • US: Out Friday 23, Monday 26, Monday the 2nd
  • Canada: Out Monday 26, Tuesday 27, Monday the 2nd.
  • Australia: I'm sure Glob already knows and has taken the days off, since he's in the future (also, same as Canada).
  • NEXT A*TEAM MONDAY MTG: January 9th 2012

Round Table

  • Rebooted brasstacks to see if that would magically fix the awful latency when accessing the ES database. It didn't, and a number of things failed to restart gracefully; mcote wrote up a summary (Intranet link) of what went wrong.
    • In the end, IT fixed the routing problem themselves. Access had only been granted to one of the three addresses that the ES server's hostname resolved to, resulting in a connection timeout 2/3 of the time.
  • mcote starting the Automatic Testing Guide, a very short summary of all our frameworks along with a Q & A (or flowchart?) to help people decide what framework to use when they want to add a test.
    • We *need* to keep this up to date. mcote recommends that, every two weeks, the meeting MC goes over the guide to make sure it's not full of lies.