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The Overview

  • Bugzilla
    • [glob] Ongoing DDoS firefighting
    • [glob] making great progress on BMO/Pulse integration
    • [glob] bringing instant search to the BMO query page (think: duplicate detection in enter_bug.cgi)
    • [glob] couple new reports that show email backlog/errors in BMO as well as release tracking triage
    • [glob] fixes to clear our emails that were failing to be sent
    • [dkl] updates to several custom bug entry forms such as Brownbags and Mozilla Reps.
    • [dkl] Bug.attachments WebService method now returning flag information for users to integrate in their dashboards apps.
    • [dkl] more performance work on several bug pages, possible optimizations in the works
    • [dkl+glob] weekly code pushes bringing in several fixes/enhancements/security
    • [dkl+glob] Various BMO administrative tasks (products, components, etc.)
    • [dkl+glob] various UI enhancements
    • Upstream 4.2 release to have a RC2, still on track for release soonish, problems with the staging environment
  • Bughunter
    • [jeads] adding facilities for URL resubmission
    • [jeads+bc] working on show & tell presentation for February
    • [bc] Finished the Help documents.
    • [bc] Keeping up with crash tests, filing bugs.
    • [bc] Testing patches to deal with memory exhaustion on Linux
    • [bc] hung processes
    • [bc] to use to process ASSERTION stacks
  • Mobile Automation
    • [jmaher] Reftests+crashtests for native android builds!
    • [jmaher] Robocop
      • Mobile dev team working on tests
      • install/uninstall ready to land
      • Should be running on tinderbox soon
  • Marionette
    • [jgriffin] continuous integration tweaks
    • [jgriffin] improved Gaia support
    • [mdas] context management support: making it easy to switch between frames/windows, so things like launching a B2G app and then executing in the context of the app is easier
  • Brasstacks
    • [jgriffin] spending time doing security reviews reconfigs, all that awful stuff.
  • Signal from Noise
    • [jmaher] Almost done with deploying "ignore first page load" instead of "ignore max value page load"
    • [jmaher] Almost done deploying "collect OS X RSS data from pageloader instead of python harness"
    • [jeads] Put together some UI mocks
    • [jhammel] Some data.sql fiddling
  • Addon-compat
    • [wlach] Finding a set of addons to run tests on to ensure compat doesn't break
  • Jetperf
    • [jhammel] currently have it running Ts
  • WebRTC build hacking
    • [ted] got WebRTC code building on Windows, image capture from webcam actually works
  • A-Team Best Practices
  • [jgriffin+bc+ctalbert] meeting with Infrasec + bmoss to come up with procedures to ensure safe, reliable deployment of services.

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

  • [jmaher] Check out [powerball] and try a simple [addon] to earn points for bugs you file and comment on.


All of this guy's YouTube videos are awesome: but I especially like these: