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The Overview

  • Ateam Services
    • [bc] getting traction on networking issues (IPs, number and location of VM's); hopes to get that finalized soon
  • Bugzilla
    • [glob] fixed xml-rpc breakage (broke github/bmo integration)
    • [glob] arecibo notification code deployed, waiting on IT for ldap account
    • [glob] blocking of searches which return all bugs on bmo (fallout from the bugzilla wikimo extension)
    • [glob] lots of work upstream with regards to performance tweaking (mostly by lpsolit, reviews and backports by dkl and i)
    • [glob] i spent a lot of this week putting out fires, not much on project work :(
    • [glob] taking Monday off to attend Face's graduation from the Perth Mixology Institute
    • [dkl] Finished up extra requirements and worked through some debugging issues with AutoLand developers
    • [dkl] Security review filed for BMO AutoLand extension and scheduled for March 15, see bug 726193
    • [dkl] Work with upstream testing/reviewing Bugzilla patches for general performance optimization and some were pushed to BMO as well this past week.
    • [dkl] Normal BMO administrative tasks.
  • Bughunter
    • [bc] Running smoothly and still finding bugs
  • SimpyPI (internal PyPI)
    • [jhammel] is seriously considering an anonymous suggestion to rename the project PyCookies
    • [jhammel] has a proof-of-concept available at (the uploader) and (the index); see bug 701506 for more details
    • [jhammel] need to determine next steps
  • Eideticker
    • [wlach] worked with Clint to get eideticker working on MV machine
    • [wlach] basic tests working; planning on a cross browser perf dashboard soon
  • Jetperf Harness (
    • [jhammel] landed a patch that fixes a big blocker for talos + mozharness that makes talos saner about checking processes (bug 707722)
  • Signal from Noise
    • [jeads] built the new test schema and wrote the database code to load it. Put together a web service method that jmaher was able to call from the try server that populates the schema.
    • [jeads] is implementing the webservice in django with an abstracted that you'll also be able to use directly from Python.
    • [jeads] set up a UI that you can use to browse the new schema data. This UI implements a generic version of the bughunter data view concept.
    • [jeads] working on visualizing the data now!
    • [jmaher] working on the graph server and database schema
    • [jmaher] decided to change talos to make 30 runs of tp5 and ignore the first 10, after which the numbers become much more stable; the median is then calculated from the remaining 20 runs and reported. Working on sample runs of this now and caculating the StabilityFactor (tm). Longer-term goal is to be able to compare per-page data, instead of per-pageset data.
    • [jmaher] mocking up a new StabilityFactor website, which will be used to track Stables.
  • Marionette
    • It was decided at the b2g workweek that following Mozilla conventions, we'd rename this project to Personas. Or possibly Add-on Builder.
    • [mdas] started the code review process, and is ploughing through the initial slew of change requests/suggestions.
    • [mdas] finished work on android touch events and more findElement(s) support, but not landing yet pending completion of code reviews.
    • [jgriffin] working on feeding test results into the Jenkins CI in XML format that Jenkins can understand
    • [jgriffin] looking at other hardware interactions with the emulator (besides battery) that we can add support for
  • Mobile Automation
    • [jmaher] working on fixing reftests for native fennec: filing bugs and hacking manifests
    • [jmaher] helped releng get talos updated on the foopies for talos robocop tests (editor's note: I believe 'foopies' is short for 'firefox whoopie pies')
    • [mcote] some autophone fixes, finished pulse support
  • Pulse
    • [jgriffin] started work on a buildbot translator service which will publish a set of normalized pulse messages based on the raw buildbot messages; this should make automation that relies on pulse messages from buildbot a lot more reliable; will dramatically simplify pulsebuildmonitor once this is done
    • [jgriffin] moved all of clegnitto's pulse repos to

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

  • Peptest: buildbot test or graphserver-style performance suite? Discuss.