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The Overview


  • [dkl] Project flag support in Bugzilla for Kilimanjaro Event
  • [dkl] BrowserID support pushed live to BMO
  • [glob] Some much needed holiday time
  • [glob/dkl] Small fixes and routine BMO administrative tasks
  • [glob/dkl] Upstream reviews and patch submissions



  • [mcote]

War on Orange

  • [mcote]

Signal From Noise


  • [jhammel] - removed ts_cold and head and tail scripts
  • [jhammel] - working on better error reporting
  • [jmaher/jhammel] - general talos cleanup

Mobile Automation

  • [jmaher] - getting additional robocop tests online (tprovider, tcheck2)
  • working on android native reftests (svg/canvas) failures


  • [jgriffin] - got DeviceManagerADB working with B2G
  • [jgriffin] - starting work on getting mochitest-plain running in B2G
  • [mdas] - landed a 'make marionette' command going for gaia tests, so they can easily run tests from the gaia repository
  • [mdas] - working on landing the selenium atoms


  • Got Windows builds working with VS 2010
  • Got Mac OS X 10.7 builds working
  • Investigating hung build process on Windows with new Cygwin 1.7.13 update. Testing possible fix.
  • No progress on new valgrind/windows vms. Plan is to complete Monday 4/9.


  • [jeads] - Finishing graph labels and dynamic graph behavior (mouseover/clicks)
  • Debugging all of the individual data view button/controls
  • Changing the nomenclature graphs to datazilla
  • Preparing some basic developer documentation
  • Essentially, tying up all of the loose ends in what I've developed so far so I can deposit this in a repo, get some feedback, and continue on with new features.

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote/ctalbert] - the autophone stuff is working again - there was a pulse problem, and a couple of problems in the code, but things seem to be working again now.
  • We've been gathering data to help track down a fennec regression and as of this morning, looks like we may have enough data to actually be able to pinpoint the regression.
  • [mcote] - status command, better script to trigger runs for past builds, detects when phones are down and sends email notification, various bug fixes


  • [mcote]


  • [jhammel] - mozharness now has a script for modern talos


  • [jgriffin] - settled on Kombu as our carrot replacement; working on new mozillapulse lib
  • added an optional heartbeat argument to pulse consumers in the current mozillapulse lib; should eliminate socket disconnects for low-volume queues


  • [camd] - Fixing a few bugs here and there.
  • working on the automation connector API
  • trying to push our security review through

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

  • Big congrats to Fahim for getting his first patch landed in bug 727177
  • Brian Warner is no longer with Team Jetpack! Do we want to make an effort to get cfx more mozbasey?