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  • [glob] - Bugzilla now has proper error reporting using arecibo (that [glob] and [dkl] can see). This should mean a more robust and reliable bugzilla in the future.
  • [mdas] - Marionette now imports Selenium atoms, resulting in a richer vocabulary for writing browser based tests
  • [jmaher] / [jeads] - Lots of great work landing for SfN and DataZilla. Should be much easier to drill into performance test results to really see what's going on
  • [davehunt] - New version of Selenium RC released



  • [glob] enabled arecibo error reporting (finally!)
  • [glob] fixed a lot of warnings which arecibo now makes visible
  • [glob] resolved duplicate loops
  • [glob] more work on fixing how bugzilla encodes emails
  • [glob] added ability to filter emails when product or component changes
  • [dkl] Upstream review/patches to ready for maintenance release
  • [dkl] / [glob] BrowserID updates


  • [wlach] Added frame rate / unique frame metrics to Eideticker
  • [wlach] Yet more work on robustness
  • [wlach] Working on various new tests

Signal From Noise

  • [jmaher] Work on making talos send raw results to graph server


  • [jhammel] - Various minor fixes

Mobile Automation

Marionette / B2G

  • [jgriffin] - continued work on getting mochitest-plain running in B2G (somewhat stymied by build problems)
  • [mdas] - Finished importing Selenium atoms
  • [mdas] - Started on performance tests for B2G


  • [jeads] Various work aimed at making it easier to drill down into individual datapoints to get revision information, etc.
  • [jeads] Continued work on front end UI (data views, etc.)

Build System

  • [ted] WinRTC windows build work (fix breakage after adding new code from Cisco which caused our linker to go out of memory again)
  • [jgriffin] A bunch of tweaks to the jenkins build system for B2G

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote] better error handling in autophone: if an action on a phone (like uninstall) hangs, we'll reboot the phone. we also check for errors on stderr, and reboot the phone in that case too. phone is disabled and peoples are notified (via email) if this happens twice in a row.


  • [jhammel] - still working on getting the jetperf script into the mozharness repo. Fixed several blocking bugs there but still in progress


  • [jgriffin] - Better connection error handling for Pulse


  • [chmanchester] - work continues on experimentally making mochitest use mozhttpd. trying to figure out strategies for serving up .sjs files.


  • [camd] id prefix for test cases is in code review
  • [camd] working on adding tags to test runs for ubuntu and Kilimanjaro needs
  • [camd] working on security review


  • [hskupin] Mozmill CI system has been enhanced to also cover candidate builds for Firefox beta releases. If everything works with the next beta it will be even cover release candidates
  • [hskupin] We were able to fix nearly all of the Mozmill 1.5.10 bugs so the release will happen today or at latest tomorrow

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