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The Overview


  • [jhammel] adding debuggers to mozrunner



  • [chmanchester] worked with jmaher to get marionette running .sjs files for mochitest


  • [glob] investigated and fixed more errors/warnings thrown by bmo
  • [glob] release tracking flags update (15)
  • [glob] lots of various admin tasks
  • [dkl] on leave


  • [wlach] Working on short term Eideticker requests for developers, produce managerment and qa.
  • [wlach] Eideticker can how gather checkerboarding statistics using telemetry
  • [wlach] Working on trying to get Eideticker to work with the Galaxy Nexus.
  • [wlach] Trying to get the imgur test working and tracking down other issues
    • [chmanchester] is helping out with this effort!


  • [mcote] Landed a change to control the number of test iterations

War on Orange

  • [edmorley] Sheriffed ~10 trees
  • [edmorley] spoke with Ehsan and Peter about a new sheriffing schedule site
  • [edmorley, mcote, jgriffin] posted on dev-planning about reducing TBPL bug spam
  • [edmorley] filed long standing tbpl bugs, fixed regression bug 696297, catching up with the devs related to top oranges

Signal From Noise


  • [jmaher] Reviewing talos patches

Mobile Automation

  • [ted] worked on fennec build project for improving build/Makefiles. Progress is further explained by this blog post
  • [jmaher] sorting out reftests/android tests (how to run them, what to fix, etc.)
  • [jmaher] working on rxdroid, a way to setup and clean up tasks on a remote device
  • [jmaher] trying to get reftest resolution changes and sutagent changes pushed through with releng
  • [mcote] working on mobile-blockers dashboard for tracking blockers and nonblockers that are being closed in time for fennec 1.0
  • [mdas] tinkering with getting b2g on pandaboards.


  • [AutomatedTester] Selenium proxy almost complete, depends on getting Marionette installed into the bin directory of Firefox automatically (without rebuilding)
    • This is now done! yay!
  • [mdas] Perf test gathering and submission almost complete, waiting on bugzilla database before pushing patches
  • [mdas] working on a refactor/bug fix that will fix navigate commands in b2g and an iframe bug (bug 746031)
  • [jgriffin] got mochitest-plain working locally on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (See bug 749011). Need to integrate this with CI.

Web QA

  • [davehunt] Released pytest-mozwebqa 0.10 which fixed Web QA test builds and allows them to use Google Chrome on Sauce Labs


New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • [jeads] - Set up a new VM for testing the datazilla UI. The prototype user interface can be reached on Mozilla-MPT by adding, " datazilla" to your /etc/hosts file and then directing your browser to /datazilla/views. Feel free to take a look if you're interested, any feedback is appreciated.
  • [jeads] - Finished a memcached system for caching all test run summary data across all platforms and talos tests for 7 and 30 time periods. The new datazilla UI landing page initializes using data from the memcache without hitting the database.

autophone/Noah's Ark



  • [jhammel] internal pypi is being set up, dealing with nginx and script problems


  • [jgriffin] Working on transition plan with IT for migration to managed hardware.


  • [cdawson] fixed bug where test case environment settings were not being honored
  • [cdawson] worked on the REST API for submitting test results
  • [cdawson] sec review in progress: ETA 5/1 for feedback.
  • [cdawson, rbillings] selenium tests are being worked on by Rebecca Billings


  • [AutomatedTester] Getting a reftest quest shell (base page) ready for jmaher to work on.


Upcoming Events

Round Table

  • Welcome CarlJM!
  • MC status gathering methods have room for improvement, this team is huge!
    • switch to each member updating the wiki by Friday, and have MC go over it/follow up on unclear highlights at EOD?
  • Contributor Survey Results (ctalbert)
  • Goals Review (1/3 through the quarter) - Goals


  • The expansion of what four letter acronym commonly used in web programming is brought to mind by the following phrase:

"The nation gave the title of its sovereignty to a holding agency, but the exchange was purely emblematic."

(See for the answer)