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The Highlights

The Overview


  • [DBurns] Fixed bug 751348 since it was affecting Selenium Proxy


  • [henrik] Several compartment changes broke Mozmill (bug 751424) and tests in Nightly builds. Everything has been fixed immediately. We wish that we would get a warning in advance to not being affected by such big changes.
  • [henrik] Released Mozmill 1.5.12 today (Send extension to AMO - waiting for review)
  • [henrik] Code of Mozmill 2 and JSBridge extensions have been cleaned-up and moved to MPL 2
  • [dave] Various issues with Manifests have been found and logged



  • [glob] ui tweaks (you can now force wrapping of quoted text, tbplbot comments are collapsed by default)
  • [glob] browserid issues investigation
  • [glob + dkl] tracking-flag work
  • [glob + dkl] admin work
  • [dkl] TryAutoLand enhancement request work


  • [wlach] Various work to make web server for Eideticker work better with image-heavy sites like imgur (thanks to [chmanchester] for some comparative numbers of mozhttpd vs apache)
  • [wlach] Getting the Galaxy Nexus working with Eideticker
  • [wlach] / [ctalbert] Fixing/diagnosing various issues with LG G2X reliability impacting the Eideticker dashboard


  • [mcote] - Latest changes merged to m-c
  • [mcote] - Results graph now plots average number for a given revision/test/platform combination.


[UK public holiday Monday 7th, so edmorley won't be present at the meeting]

  • [edmorley] Sheriffing the trees (starring, filing new oranges, backouts backouts & more backouts, tree closures, merging inbound/fx-team/m-c, marking bugs post merges).
  • [edmorley] Chasing up/having to work around: buildapi not properly triggering PGO builds (bug 750611), inbound clobberer timing out/form submission broken (bug 749081).
  • [edmorley] Dreaded Windows OOM whilst linking came back. Filed bug 750661 for getting workarounds started so the tree could be reopened. Coordinated with build peers, releng & other sheriffs. Peak PGO linker values are not sent to graphserver so resorted to collating last month's worth of values via log inspection (bug 710840). Fixed bug 750717, so that the pgo linker output shows up on TBPL, instead of having to manually inspect each log. Thanks to Ehsan & a few others, we managed to get the tree finally reopened in a day and a half :-) Rough extrapolation implies that the workarounds may only last a month, so bug 709480 is still needed urgently.
  • [edmorley] Dealing with CPG landing bustage since bholley/luke/jst didn't want it backed out and were afk for the day (perma-purple bug 751575, almost perma-orange of bug 738803).
  • [edmorley] Sheriff policy discussions with Ehsan/Matt/Marco/Philor regarding backouts and whether patch authors should be emailed outside of bugzilla in addition to the bug comments, after an email from a dev who was backed out.

War on Orange

  • [edmorley] Now that OrangeFactor collecting data properly again, went through the last week's worth of top oranges, CC'ing devs to bugs with no-one CC'd. Also started pinging developers on IRC for the most frequent orange/purples, particularly the ones that have to be starred by hand due to no TBPL suggestions (and that take up a lot more of my time). Seems to be working already - a fair few oranges fixed in the last week (plus more with patches pending review): Fixed since Mon 30th
  • [edmorley] Hounded a new intermittent orange out of the tree (bug 747857), as part of us being more proactive in not letting new tests stay in the tree if they are flaky from the very start.

Signal From Noise


  • [jmaher] fixed Fennec username as undefined
  • [jhammel] restructuring talos configuration in progress: bug 704654; hopefully will be landed soon

Mobile Automation

  • [jmaher] - bug 748088 - reftests are not running correctly on android (will affect b2g also). Mobile devs are working on it.
  • [ted] - landed a bunch of build/package time fixes: bug 748797, bug 654448. Hopefully wrapping up the mobile build speed effort soon


Web QA

  • [DBurns] fixed a fileupload bug for Selenium


  • Minor patch to better handle out of file/out of memory conditions.
  • Updated to latest Flash due to out of band security fix.
  • Working on setting up user machines.
  • Finding some interesting bugs again.
  • Upcoming
    • User machine setup and announcement to be completed and announced by EOB Monday.
    • Patch Tuesday this week.

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote] - A bunch of changes including proper build caching, disable/reenable commands, proper throbberstart/stop measurements, some fixes, and general clean-up.



  • upgrading jetperf script to reflect change in how the jetpack team wants to run test and how releng wants to run tests: bug 729205; should have a patch up for review by EOD
  • getting a repository for test addons


  • [jgriffin] worked with IT to get the new pulse server in testing mode, available at
  • [jgriffin] will test all of our current producers and consumers against the new server, and then work with IT on the switchover from old to new


  • [carljm] code review and discussion of REST API with camd
  • [carljm] fixed two minor issues noted by security reviewer
  • [camd] got the results back from the security review. found 3 small issues
  • [camd] still proceeding with the REST API impl
  • [camd] will add open web app support back in soon



Upcoming Events

Round Table

Take notes here and copy and paste them to this section afterwards.

  • [henrik] Handling of mozbase modules. See mailing list thread
  • [wlach] - Proposal for mc to create a "highlights" section and have a few people talk about their work at the meeting.
  • New Project - tracking dev-evangelism work. (ctalbert)


  • Mozbase Modules
    • Wouldn't mind the change and it would solve the "can't install trunk of mozbase"
    • Could solve some problems and cause others
    • Seems like it is something that comes up when people first use mozbase and later you don't hear about it again
    • honestly there are many many other things to fix on Mozbase rather than this.
    • Action: leave things as they stand, and work on it with a complete versioning solution in another quarter.
  • Highlight Section
    • Do what we did today.
    • Easier than reading the wiki during the meeting.
    • And having people modify the wiki on their own seemed to work well too.
  • New Project

Ctalbert will write down the new project later this week, ping him if interested!

  • work week date (~24-27 oct, final date tba this week)


  • Putting skills developed working on Eideticker to good use.