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The Highlights

  • For Mozmill tests we are nearly down to ZERO failures! (Mozmill test results)
  • Marionette is passing 164 Selenium tests (161 failed, 164 passed, 9 skipped, 12 deselected, 6 xfailed, 14 error) on Friday
  • SUTAgent 1.08 will be deployed on Monday

The Overview


  • [dburns] MozProfile 0.3.1 was released last week.
  • [jhammel] landed in mozharness; working on getting it in buildbot


  • [henrik] Mozmill 1.5.12 released (blog post) and silently *uppss* dropped support for Firefox 3.6 (bug 754225)
  • [henrik] Automation Development team and Q2 goals (blog post)
  • [henrik] Changes in the management of Mozmill tests (blog post)
  • [henrik] For Mozmill tests we are nearly down to ZERO failures! (Mozmill test results)
  • [henrik] Large memory leak in Firefox on Jenkins web page caused a downtime of Mozmill CI on Sunday. To blame is bug 751557.
  • [dave] Mozmill CI will soon pre-fetch remote repositories to circumvent downtimes of Also support for email notifications will land soon.



  • [glob] added summaries of blocker bugs to bugmail
  • [glob] tell-us-more security review started, discussion and work surrounding that
  • [glob] fix to encrypt bugmail which contain private comments
  • [glob+dkl] tracking-flag work
  • [glob+dkl] bmo administrative work


  • [wlach] Spent most of the week making Eideticker able to interact with the device using our own agent app over TCP/IP, since USB power isn't enough to keep some devices working in automation.
  • [wlach] Some idle moments of frustration spent getting Google Chrome for Android working with the harness.
    • Specifically: Chrome needs to be started differently than other android applications, it reacts slightly differently to touch events, and we may need to make some adjustments for its model of process seperation.


  • [mcote] - Updated the packaged MozMill extension to get the compartments-per-global fix.
  • [mcote] - Updated mozharness to run 10 iterations of test suite per push.


  • [edmorley] Lost a day due to a public holiday.
  • [edmorley] Sheriffing the trees (starring, filing new oranges, backouts, tree closures, merging inbound/fx-team/m-c, marking bugs post merges).
  • [edmorley] Continuing sheriff policy discussions with Ehsan/Matt/Marco/Philor regarding backouts and whether patch authors should be emailed outside of bugzilla in addition to the bug comments. Came to a consensus, updated the inbound/sheriff duty docs.
  • [edmorley] Sheriff scheduling site blocked on adding timezone feature & admin interface being made available, pinged Peter again.

War on Orange

  • [edmorley] More intermittent orange bug/dev chasing.
  • [edmorley] Patch to disable the test in bug 668716 for too many intermittent passes.

Signal From Noise

  • [jmaher] - switching gears to go heads down on page centric views starting with dromaeo, goal is to find a page by page view that will allow us to turn tbpl orange


Mobile Automation

  • [jmaher] - no more resolution changing for jsreftest and crashtests (thanks :bc at the workweek)
  • [jmaher] - tcheckerboard3 is almost ready to come online
  • [jmaher] - SUTAgent 1.08 will be deployed on Monday
  • [wlach] - Experimenting with developing a command-line client for SUT, for testing and performing various common tasks (installing an application, killing an application, etc.)


  • jgriffin & mdas attended B2G work week in San Diego
  • worked with philikon to improve Marionette ergonomics for B2G developers
  • worked on Automation/Build goals list:
  • [dburns] Marionette is passing 164 Selenium tests (161 failed, 164 passed, 9 skipped, 12 deselected, 6 xfailed, 14 error) on Friday

Web QA

  • [DBurns] Released Selenium 2.21.3 to fix send_keys issue to type=file elements


  • Introduced low rights account for running workers
  • Discovered usefulness of sticky bits on user and group permissions when sharing directories among users.
  • Finished setting up user vms and announced to crashtestdummies.

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • [carljm] - Code formatting, dependency handling,, test-running, and documentation fixes.
  • [jeads] - Working with metrics to switch to a page centric method for automatically detecting a performance regression in talos data.

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • [mcote]: Got caching sort-of working.
  • [mcote]: Refactored how and when build metadata is extracted.
  • [mcote]: Can run jobs against tinderbox builds from
  • [mcote]: Corrected calculation of throbberstart (time of first throbstart message instead of last).
  • [mcote]: Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


  • [mcote]: Added V8.


  • [jhammel] landed in mozharness; working on getting it in buildbot


  • Switch to new server occurring May 17


  • [carljm] - Added API key generation and UI.
  • [carljm] - Code review for API branch.
  • [carljm] - Fixed admin navigation and closed admin-specific logout CSRF hole.
  • [camd] - Hooked up to API key for posting results with REST and connector
  • [camd] - Working through code review feedback
  • [camd] - Pinged Adam in security. Waiting for some response wrt review of fixed issues and approval.



Upcoming Events

Round Table

Take notes here and copy and paste them to this section afterwards.

  • [mcote] Please post to when breaking library APIs, or when big bugs are discovered. E.g. mozillapulse/pulsebuildmonitor, mozmill, etc.
    • [henrik] Any example of when we broke something?


Post to tools newsgroup when we break things in lower libraries

  • Pulse changes
  • Mozbase changes
  • We likely woudln't have updated w.r.t. global compartments use case, but we should have updated there too.

Work Week

  • Work week update - Sept 26 or Oct 24. One or the other. Those are the frontrunners. Final decision today.

Haxxor IT needs

MV IT needs - Mon and Tues, not here weds, thurs, or friday. dividehex (jake) is the haxxor contact while I'm out.

Holidays and Trips

  • Monday a week from today is a canadian holiday.
  • Week after the canandian holiday is the US holiday.
  • mcote out next week too.
  • ctalbert, jhammel, whimboo in London next week

MC Next week

  • camd!!!! \o/


We met with the developers and decided that it is absolutely crucial to solve the developer use case to answer the "did my changeset regress anything" question. This means we'll be calculating a page centric metric to determine which pages regress a metric and by how much. We will still be deploying the new UI into production, but the new UI won't necessarily be as complete as it would have been otherwise. So we will be continuing to iterate on the UI post Q2.


  • Sam Liu starts on the 29th.
    • Jeads and Carljm will be in MV that week.

Update this page with hosts that you know about! (sorry for the internal link public internetz)


  • [edmorley] Created an intranet page for the London Office since we didn't have one yet; for the A-Team London convergence and other future visitors. Still a WIP, but will add some more to it over coming days.