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Meeting notes:


Mobile team is switching to Java based UI (ack! snake!); not expected to impact B2G goals. Will likely make Marionette adoption easier. UI based extensions will no longer work on mobile. Currently no extensions work, period. No effect on Eideticker.



  • Framework of root actor code is up, need to see where we can start up the actor in B2G and test it.
  • Initial version of Marionette JSON protocol at; I've only focused on adding commands needed for our Q4 goal, we can add more commands later. Error handling still TBD.
  • Will start working on a Python testrunner that will connect to a socket in the remote debugger and send/receive Marionette JSON.
    • This test runner may eventually be extended to be a proxy interface between a Selenium test (which uses HTTP) and Marionette.


Currently looking at how to get the video capture stuff hooked into talos. Writing a new talos test. To quit talos on mobile: