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August 23, 2012 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


  • vidyo: TOR-5N spadina

Backchannel #ateam on

Take meeting notes here:


  • Review the Action Items & Bugs

Action items from last time

  • IT fixed brasstacks/autolog thing so sherriffing can start soon

Review current activities

Continuous Integration

  • [jgriffin] no luck with the gaia integration tests so far. lightsofapollo is looking into it


  • [ahal] were some issues with emulator builds for most of the week, but reftest results being reported to autolog again
  • [ahal] filed many bugs and fixed a few related to reftests on b2g (see tracking bug 773482)
  • [ahal] working on solving the resolution problem (bug 737961)



  • [mdas] got as many eideticker tests going as possible for now. Will get the rest of eideticker working (dashboard support).


  • [mihneadb] got SUTAgent working on Otoro! Will look into emulator and panda builds

Automated Tests

  • [rwood] Developing more WebTelephony API tests (patch under review)


Actions for next time

  • [jgriffin] will follow up with joduinn to test out the releng vms that will build the emulator.