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Status Highlights

  • 2.1 FL date - Sept 2nd
  • 2.1 FC date - Oct 13th
  • After Sept 2nd, 2.1 moves to mozilla-aurora branch. so smoketests need to resume there.

2.1 Release Update


  • Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis
  • Today - let's specify if each functional QA team is on track, at risk, or going to miss for FL signoff. Remember that FL signoff means that:
    • MozTrap test coverage is complete
    • Basic verification of each user story is complete

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

  • Communications [On track]
    • Dialer : Only one feature committed, echang did it
    • Contacts : Still need to cover the default picture on the contacts list. Need to add a couple of ICE tests.
    • Messages - CMAS, cell broadcast only emulator testing, no env. for real device.
  • Media
  • Multimedia Platform
  • Performance
  • Productivity
    • Begin testing 2.1 features
  • Stream 3
  • Systems Front End
    • Not see UX spec yet (jsmith has pinged swilkes to look into this)
      • Bug 1040790 - [User Story] Enable Home Screen Access from Task Switcher
      • Bug 1040787 - [User Story] Improve Task Switcher Discoverability
      • Landing schedule for this week and beyond
      • Browser bookmark migration - Fri 8/22
        • We have a fallback for this, using the simple gaia-only migration method.
      • Places Database - Fri 8/22
      • Last bits of browser chrome functionality - Fri 8/22
      • High Quality Icons - Mon 8/25
      • Taskstrip/Cards view - stack manager driven - Mon 8/25
      • Landscape mode for search app - Wed 8/27
      • Homescreen rocketbar collapsing - Fri 8/22
      • Browser history migration (if taking fallback) - Fri 8/29
        • Remaining polish work will happen after FL.
  • Systems Platform
    • Copy-Paste:
      • To complete feature after v2.1 FL (9/1) (for editable field)
        • jsmith would like to get more details on this - is rel man aware of this?
      • For non-editable field, it delivers with editable as a whole in v 2.2.
  • Telephony/Networking
    • RIL -
  • WebRTC
  • Devices
  • NFC
    • Survey NFC testing equipment for tap-to-go and couponing user stories (MIFARE testing)
      • NXP card reader and MIFARE Discover software may help MIFARE testing, EPM is reaching to NXP to deliver the reader/software. The contact person is on biz trip so we are NOT sure if we can support soon enough.
      • We do NOT have special SIM card with MIFARE object
        • Thus, we might ask DT's member to TMPL HQ to help the MIFARE testing. (still under discussion)
  • Ringtones
    • Not see UX spec yet (jsmith has pinged swilkes to look into this)
      • Bug 1027995 - [User story] Transfer ringtones from SD card to ringtones folder
  • Graphics
    • Basic test strategy is set for each of 2.1 graphics feature, except Bug 964097. ni? ed kip
    • Now color inversion / greyscaling of screen is possible in 2.1
  • Media
    • Tested Camera/Video core functionalities under v165 KK, raised Bug 1056347, which is a 2.0 blocker nom
    • Will test music / media storage tomorrow


  • [marcia] Naming conventions of Suites in MozTrap
    • They really need to be cleaned up and we need to agree on a set of conventions
    • Tablet test suites should be more clearly marked
    • We don't seem to be using the Functional team Area designations in the title
    • Localization Runs are getting mixed up with the rest of the features - suggesting amending them to something like [Loc Run] title
      • Right now they are like this: Notifications - Loc Run
  • [jsmith] Test Coverage - Why are we cutting support for these areas: <-- will followup with echang offline
    • Visual refresh (Email, SMS)
   [echang] --> The visual bug, I don't think we need a case in moztrap, these things change a lot.
   [edchen] I compared UX specification directly when I testing, so I thought we do not need test cases for visual refresh.
    • Soft home button UX spec matching
   [echang]  --> there is another bug 'Bug 1036339 - (soft-home-button) [meta] Software home button improvements for 2.1" 
   [echang]  --> 1037251 has no spec, and looks very much like a dup to 1036339.
   [echang]  --> I will open cases for 1036339. 
    • Color status bar
   [echang] --> on second thought, I will open cases for this. 
  • [jlorenzo] B2G smoketest dashboard is now under mozilla-b2g's GitHub account: http://mozilla-b2g.github.io/b2g-dashboard/
  • [Tchung] What are we doing with the KK Flame image? (v165)
  • [Tchung] Coming soon, automation Roundtable call. likely European TZ friendly. Details to follow
  • [Tchung] remove the "[B2G]" in the bug subject titles
    • [PBylenga] I removed it from QAnalysts' bug template generator script, will send an email to the team as well.
  • [delphine] RTL bug bash
  • [brhuang] TPE restart the gaia-ui test report

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Tchung] Send a request to TWQA for Smoketest coverage for 9/1. 9/1 is a US holiday, so there will be no coverage. Perhaps No-jun can help as well (he's in toronto)
  • [jsmith] Why is copy & paste still in the release? Find this out.

This Week Notes

  • FL QA Signoff
    • Systems FE - At risk (confirmed)
      • Landing plan includes landing on last business day, gives no time for QA signoff
    • Communications - On track
    • Graphics - On track
    • Productivity - On track
    • Multimedia Platform - On track
    • Media (ringtones) - At risk (need to ping Justin)
      • Not sure the landing date since target milestone is at S2(Aug 15) but not finish yet
    • Networking/Connectivity - At risk (need to ping Howie)
      • NFC - At risk
        • Tap-to-pay and couponing user stories, target milestone is S3(Aug 29), gives no time for QA signoff
    • System Platform - At risk (need to ping Howie)
      • Copy & Paste feature piece coming in after FL - can't do QA signoff?
    • Devices - At risk (need to ping Howie)
      • MTP might landing on last business day S3(Aug 29), give no time for QA signoff