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Team Details


The B2G QA team is committed to qualifying the full spectrum of testing from backend (Gecko) to Frontend (Gaia). Test coverage will include a range of manual execution steps, automated test coverage, proper documentation, and community involvement projects.

Join us

If you want to help on the B2G project, it's very easy to start.

Subscribe to our B2G QA team mailing list and send us an e-mail presenting yourself and telling us what kind of tasks you would like to do.

Also you can find us on on #appsqa


Team Members and Assignments

Team Member IRC Nick (#appsqa, #qa) Assignments Location
Tony Chung tchung QA Manager, FxOS, Productivity Team QA, Bug Triage Mountain View, CA
Naoki Hirata nhirata Browser Team QA, RIL Team QA, Device porting QA, partner support, Stability, SUMO Support San Francisco, CA
Jason Smith jsmith System Front End Team QA, Media Recording QA, Webrtc, 3rd party Apps, Bug Triage Mountain View, CA
John Hammink jammink System Front End Team QA, Moztrap porting, Test Run maintenance/Coordination, Qanalysts PoC, Gaia Automation Mountain View, CA
Marcia Knous marcia Media QA, Smoketest coordinator, Community QA lead Mountain View, CA
Geo Mealer geo Performance Team QA, Platform QA, WebAPI CRB QA lead Mountain View, CA
David Clarke onecyrenus Systems Back End team QA, WebAPI CRB QA, Apps infrastructure QA San Francisco, CA
Martijn Wargers mwargers Platform QA, Mochitest porting to b2g Amsterdam?, NL
Zac Campbell zac Gaia UI Automation QA London, UK
Bob Silverberg bsilverberg Gaia UI Automation QA Toronto, CA
Stephen Donner stephend QA Manager, Web, Gaia Automation QA Mountain View, CA
Krupa Raj kraj Marketplace QA Lead, Payments QA Lead San Francisco, CA
Delphine Lebedel delphine Localization QA Mountain View, CA
Paul Yang pyang Media Recording Team QA, Comms Team QA, Message App, Web Audio, and Automation Taipei, Taiwan
Hubert Lu hlu OTA/FOTA Update QA, Browser QA? Taipei, Taiwan
Eric Chang echang, ericcc Comms, RIL, Media QA Taipei, Taiwan
Brian Huang brhuang MBTF QA Lead, Automation Tools Taipei, Taiwan
Al Tsai atsai Comms Team QA, Devices porting, Partner tool support, Gaia Automation Taipei, Taiwan
William Hsu whsu Productivity Team QA, Systems Backend QA, Connectivity Team QA, Automation tools Taipei, Taiwan
Askeing Yen askeing Automation Tools, Gaia UI Automation, Device porting tools Taipei, Taiwan
Walter Chen ypwalter MBTF QA, RIL/GPS/CDMA team QA, Automation Tools Taipei, Taiwan
Parul Mathur pragmatic Release QA, Community lead for One and Done Mountain View, CA


End to End QA


This group primarily focuses on doing end to end testing of end to end functionality through Gaia and Gecko, including the apps pre-installed on the device, phone features, etc.


Test Plans

Misc References

Automation Development


This group primarily focuses on automation development across Gaia & Gecko.