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For previous version of B2G/QA page, please visit https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Archived . Note that page exists for the archival purpose only.

For Newcomers

Firefox OS is Mozilla's mobile phone operating system for the open Web, built entirely using HTML5 & standard Web APIs. Community is key to the success of the open Web. If you want to help Firefox OS Quality Assurance activities, it's very easy to start.

First of all, if you are new to Mozilla Quality Assurance, you will need a Bugzilla account.

Also, it is strongly advised to visit Firefox OS QA Team Page in QMO before you proceed, since it gives a good overall introduction of the Firefox OS QA. For new hires, please visit Firefox OS QA New Hire Document.

Team Information / Meetings

Communication Channels

A great place to get started is to join one of these communication channels where other people involved with Firefox OS Quality Assurance are available to help. Feel free to join one of the following and introduce yourself.

  • QA Roundtable meetings every week
  • B2G QA mailing list
  • #fxosqa IRC channel
    • If you don't know who to talk to? ping local residents like :jlorenzo, :nhirata_, :njpark, :pallavi first.
  • #fxos-automation IRC channel
    • Again, if you don't know who to talk to, :jlorenzo, :mwargers, :njpark are good firsts

Functional QA Roundtable Meeting

Automation QA Roundtable Meeting

  • Details and minutes can be found here.

Device QA Roundtable Meeting

Meeting Notes Archives

Team Members

Team Member IRC Nick (#fxosqa, #appsqa, #qa) Location Area[1]
Naoki Hirata nhirata San Francisco, CA Geolocation, System Front End, FOTA & OTA update, Vaani, Crash Investigation, & Misc. (ie e.me transition server, Flashing devices, etc )
Martijn Wargers mwargers Wageningen, NL Automation Tests, DOM
Krupa Raj kraj San Francisco, CA Marketplace (server side)
Delphine Lebedel delphine Mountain View, CA L10n, RTL
Marcia Knous marcia Mountain View, CA Community Builder, Pin the Web Tiger Team
Michael Bryant uber Mountain View, CA
Pallavi Yaramada pallavi Mountain View, CA QA Manager
No-Jun Park njpark Toronto, Canada All graphics components, All Media (Video, Audio, FMRadio, Camera, Gallery, Music, etc.) components
Paul Yang pyang Taipei, Taiwan MTBF
Al Tsai atsai Taipei, Taiwan QA Manager
William Hsu whsu Taipei, Taiwan RTL, data sync, NSEC (2.6), outsource management (Marigold), pluotsorbet, Helix (FxOS 1.1), Buri (FxOS 1.3), Dolphin (FxOS 1.4 & 2.1), Tako (FxOS 2.0 & 2.1), Sys PF (FxOS 1.0~1.4), Productivity(FxOS 1.0~1.3), Connectivity-WIFI & RTSP (FxOS 1.3), test automation (FxOS 1.0~1.2), perf. measurement (FxOS 1.3~2.2)
Askeing Yen askeing, fyen Taipei, Taiwan Marionette, MozITP, b2g-util, taskcluster-util
Walter Chen ypwalter, wachen Taipei, Taiwan MCTS
Shing Lyu slyu Taipei, Taiwan Marionette, MozIlluminate/MozTrap, MozITP
Johan Lorenzo jlorenzo Paris, France Gip to Gij, CI, DOM:Apps
Alison Shiue ashiue Taipei, Taiwan Pin the Web, Browser, FTE, Homescreen, Ringtones, Search, System, Windows Mgmt, Wallpaper, MTP/UMS
Mike Lien mlien Taipei, Taiwan New Security Model, Add-ons, Performance
Gerry Chang gchang Taipei, Taiwan Kill Switch, CDMA, DOM: Dev Interfaces, Build, Cost Control, General, RIL, Wifi
Teri Wen twen Taipei, Taiwan Control Center, Replaceable Homescreen, Customization, Bluetooth, Calendar, Clock, Email
Iris Hsiao ihsiao Taipei, Taiwan Web Components, Metrics, Keyboard, Settings, Lockscreen
Cynthia Tang ctang Taipei, Taiwan All features for TV project
Shako Ho shako Taipei, Taiwan MTBF
Isabel Rios isabel_rios Madrid, Spain NGA, Contacts, Dialer, SMS
Kate Glazko kglazko Mountain View, CA GIJ Automation
Manel Rhaiem mermi Manouba, Tunis Contributor : Automation Tests, DOM:Apps
Gabriela Montagu gaby2300 Buenos Aires, Argentina Contributor
Jamie Charlton Jamie_ Wassaic, NY Contributor
Marcela Oniga pensacola Bucharest, RO Contributor
Ioana Chiorean IoanaChiorean Cluj, RO Contributor
Honorary Member IRC Nick (#fxosqa, #appsqa, #qa) Location
Parul Mathur pragmatic Mountain View, CA

[1] Based on https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/Test-Outline-2.5 and https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/b2g-qa-roundtable

QA Process (link)

Device (link)

Manual Tests (link)

Test Automation (link)

Efforts to Maintain This Page

A bug has been created to track the update requests to this page and its subpages. Please make a comment in the bug and needinfo npark.