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This is an overview of the current Firefox OS product roadmap. Information on this page is subject to frequent updates and changes.

Release Available Dates

At Release date, a development package is made available to chipset and hardware manufacturers to stabilize the release for productization.

  • FxOS Release Date: May 2017 [in plan]
  • FxOS Release Date: November 2016 [in plan]
  • FxOS Release Date: May 2016 [in plan]
  • FxOS 2.5 Release date: November 2, 2015 [in progress]
  • FxOS 2.2 Release date: April 29, 2015 [completed]
  • FxOS 2.1 Release date: Oct 13, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 2.0 Release date: July 21, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.4 Release date: April 25, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.3 Release date: January 31, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.2 Release date: September 15, 2013 [completed]

Disclaimer: Future Release dates are subject to change, based on changes in commercialization and business demands.

The current planning is to continue with FxOS releases every 12 weeks, aligned with the Firefox/Gecko release trains. At any given time master is open for feature development and in parallel converging one release for productization.

Product Management Team

Name Role Email address
Andrea Aime Product Manager aaime@mozilla.com
Cindy Hsiang Product Manager chsiang@mozilla.com
Jaime Chen Director of Product and Design jachen@mozilla.com
Joe Cheng Product Manager jcheng@mozilla.com
Peter Dolanjski Product Manager pdolanjski@mozilla.com
Ravikumar Dandu Product Manager rdandu@mozilla.com
Sandip Kamat Product Manager skamat@mozilla.com
Wilfred Mathanaraj Product Manager wilfred@mozilla.com

Upcoming Releases

For each of our upcoming releases, we have defined a selection of focus areas which highlight expected product features and enhancements. The team is confident many of the features in these focus areas will make the feature complete dates for each respective release.

See also Release Management/B2G Landing

Past Releases

For older Releases, see Archive_-_Past_Releases_Complete_Features