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This is an overview of the current Firefox OS product roadmap. Information on this page is subject to frequent updates and changes.

Feature Complete Dates

FC means Feature Complete. At this date, a development package is made available to chipset and hardware manufacturers to stabilize the release for productization.

  • FxOS 2.2 Feature Complete date: April 29, 2015 [completed]
  • FxOS 2.1 Feature Complete date: Oct 13, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 2.0 Feature Complete date: July 21, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.4 Feature Complete date: April 25, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.3 Feature Complete date: January 31, 2014 [completed]
  • FxOS 1.2 Feature Complete date: September 15, 2013 [completed]

Disclaimer: Future Feature Complete dates are subject to change, based on changes in commercialization and business demands.

The current planning is to continue with FxOS releases every 12 weeks, aligned with the Firefox/Gecko release trains. At any given time master is open for feature development and in parallel converging one release for productization.

Feature Backlog

We maintain a backlog [1] of features for Firefox OS. Our engineering community of Mozilla engineers, partner engineers and contributors pick and prioritize features from this backlog. Please request access to view this doc. To propose additions to the backlog, please contact ffos-product@mozilla.org.

Upcoming Releases

For each of our upcoming releases, we have defined a selection of focus areas which highlight expected product features and enhancements. The team is confident many of the features in these focus areas will make the feature complete dates for each respective release. However, it is possible that the set of features that land at the end of a release cycle can be impacted by market/partner demand.

See also Release Management/B2G Landing

2.2 Focus Features

2.2 Release - Focus Features

Past Releases + Complete Features

2.1 Features


  • [DONE] Accessibility improvements to Contacts, Dialer, System Query


  • [DONE] The empty experience shall clearly indicate if it's tap-able bug 1026689
  • [DONE] Highlight Actionable Fields bug 1026690
  • [DONE] The mute button shall be available when dial pad is shown bug 1026692
  • [DONE] Attachment action shall be emphasized more and grouped closer to the input area and keyboard bug 1026694
  • [DONE] ICE Access from LockScreen / ICE Contact bug 1026682
  • [DONE] Emergency Warning System (CMAS) Meta bug 1023684 bug 1026685
  • [DONE] Visual Refresh in Messaging bug 1030925
  • [DONE] SMS app should be perceived to start immediately bug 1028207


Ringtone Creation/Management

  • [DONE] Visual Refresh in Ringtones - add new ringtones bug 1014009
  • [DONE] Transfer ringtones from SD card to firefox OS device bug 1027995

Smart Data

  • [DONE] Ability to track individual app network data usage bug 1033549


  • [DONE] Email: It is unclear what is editable and not bug 1028224
  • [DONE] Calendar day view should start at 8 AM bug 1023663
  • [DONE] Automate changing end date/time in Calendar bug 977050
  • [DONE] The week view shall be updated to 5 days bug 1023662

Stream 3 (Connected Devices)

  • [DONE] A new 'embed-widgets' permission exposing to privileged apps for solving widget case bug 1005818
  • [DONE] Nested-OOP support Meta bug 1033984
  • [DONE] Support HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks and videoTrack bug 744896
  • [DONE] Expose a client UDP datagram socket API to web applications bug 745283

System Front End

  • [DONE] Haida: Browser Integration into System Meta bug 945259
  • [DONE] Haida: Universal Search & Navigation Meta bug 946452
  • [DONE] Haida: Bookmark Migration from Browser to Homescreen bug 945827
  • [DONE] Haida: Explanation of Bookmark Migration bug 938279
  • [DONE] Task Switcher: Improve Task Switcher Discoverability bug 1058096
  • [DONE] Search/Rocketbar: Color Matching Status Bar bug 1013913
  • [DONE] App-to-App Gesture: App-to-app Edge Gesture Improvements bug 1037468
  • [DONE] FTE: Skip time and timezone setting when network time is available bug 1026098
  • [DONE] FTE: Show 3G/4G connectivity status bug 1035250
  • [DONE] SoftHome Button: SoftHome Button UX improvement bug 1037251 bug 1037255 bug 1037261 bug 1036339

System Platform


  • [DONE] Transform: scale(X) not being repainted when assigned bug 989403
  • [DONE] Project Butter on B2 Phase 1 bug 987532
  • [DONE] Add preference for inverting color bug 1016539
  • [DONE] Remove limitation related to absolute positioned frames in async scrolling bug 1026271


  • [DONE] Tap-to-pay for payments at Point of Sale bug 979152
  • [DONE] Add couponing to tap-to-pay bug 979154
  • [DONE] Tap-to-go functionality to pass through gates bug 979157


  • [DONE] Support different MVNO and operator using the same MNC/MCC bug 1027430
  • [DONE] B2G STK: Support for STK icon display bug 824145
  • [DONE] Cellbroadcast API: support multiple sim cards bug 921326
  • [DONE] ReadICCID() even appIndex is -1 bug 1013847
  • [ON GOING] MMI: Unify both sendMMI() and dial() functions bug 889737


  • [DONE] Client: Swap between front and back camera while in a call bug 1033326

Partner Contribution 2.1 Features

The list of features below are contributed by our ecosystem partners as well as the Mozilla community. Many of these features will land in the v2.1 release, however, for any features that don't make the feature landing date, they will land in our next release.

  • [DONE] Communications: Device does not play an 'end tone' when the call is finished bug 995938

For older Releases, see Archive_-_Past_Releases_Complete_Features