BMO/Recent Changes/2012-06

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  • bug 767887 Input product has wrong default security group
  • bug 766908 Show the "component search" textfield when creating a bug in the full chooser with all products
  • bug 767038 Cannot click flags on attachments in the bug view
  • bug 768870 No token assigned to "Un-forget the search"


  • bug 754561 Tags should be escaped in the auto-complete form
  • bug 764156 Add a Privacy product
  • bug 764424 Cloning a bug does not preserve the whiteboard contents
  • bug 765811 Rename WebPageMaker bugzilla product to Thimble
  • bug 765640 SecureMail should distinguish new bug filings from updates to existing ones
  • bug 765423 Update security group to mailing list mappings
  • bug 766669 Marketplace product has wrong default security group
  • bug 766754 Popcorn product has wrong default security group


  • bug 762517 Add a blocking-kilimanjaro to the Socorro product


  • bug 759587 Inline "See also" is not rendered correctly when multiple links are added at the same time
  • bug 761413 Release tracking flag refresh (16)
  • bug 760163 Bugmail for dependency change showed a referenced bug that wasn't mentioned
  • bug 761581 Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at Bugzilla/ line 215 (Guided bug entry)
  • bug 759655 pressing return to select a component from the product/component search doesn't work
  • bug 760302 Support isempty and isnotempty operators for boolean charts (Custom Search)
  • bug 762185 Remove blocking1.9.2 and status1.9.2 from the Tracking Flags list