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Recent Changes



  • bug 1773614 Update links from Moz Ideas to Moz Connect, and add to some other locations
  • bug 1774872 XMLRPC Error "->type(dateTime, undef) called from Bugzilla::WebService::User line 299"
  • bug 1774351 Allow adding GitHub projects to "See Also"
  • bug 1775303 `Last Updated` and related `order` values don't support `DESC` suffix



  • bug 1772775 Do not show parenthesis if real name is empty in phabricator info
  • bug 1771132 Drop the "Has Regression Range" field as no longer necessary
  • bug 1773137 New API endpoints needed for creating new components and editing current ones



  • bug 1769284 Add links for Phabricator user page and review requests page in user_profile
  • bug 1768959 Set the automated tests to not print out warnings when running in test mode
  • bug 1766121 Add a note about nickname syntax in userprefs.cgi Account page
  • bug 1770442 Fix t/critic.t to not just look in scripts directory for violations



  • bug 1768953 Update to be more specific about bringing up just the web server and not all services
  • bug 1769246 "new change since..." bar is shown above "Request for you" menu
  • bug 1769541 Update group permission needed to view the groups a user is a member of using the REST API



  • bug 1767484 Expose last_seen_date in the REST API for the user endpoint
  • bug 1767990 Expose last_activity_ts in the REST API for the user endpoint
  • bug 1767526 Add auditing to the Voting extension to record changes to votes for bug and user