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Recent Changes


  • bug 1359184 Use automation user instead of nobody for
  • bug 1357809 Add endpoints for future cloud-services integration
  • bug 1343805 Use a darker font for comments, and also avoid Courier


  • bug 1328874 Add Vagrantfile for production-like development VMs
  • bug 1355142 Implement trick_taint in terms of Taint::Util::untaint()
  • bug 1347175 Request Nagger not sending emails due to DST change and impossible date math


  • bug 1351695 Allow apache to ignore .htaccess for increased performance
  • bug 1350909 Make index.cgi cache-friendly for logged out requests
  • bug 1321595 Add triage owner to the needinfo suggestion dropdown
  • bug 1342000 Incorrect time for Europe/Moscow
  • bug 1355127 rewrite field-descs.none.tmpl in perl
  • bug 1355134 Bugzilla::Bug->groups(): use fetchall_arrayref() for increased performance
  • bug 1355137 Cache Bugzilla::Field objects that are used as visibility fields


  • bug 1350096 Once you've set a single Thunderbird tracking flag, the "Firefox Tracking Flags" section changes name to "Thunderbird Tracking Flags"
  • bug 1349752 Add script for configuring c9 to run bmo
  • bug 1350466 Uplift bug 1342832 to bmo for performance and other reasons
  • bug 1350467 Add method Bugzilla->preload_features() to be called in startup
  • bug 1349769 takebug should only be default for patch attachments


  • bug 1349899 Clean up invalid mozreview urls on attachment page