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Recent Changes


  • bug 1337382 clicking on 'show' after updating a bug to show the list of people emailed no longer works
  • bug 1280393 [a11y] All inputs and selects need to be labeled properly


  • bug 1335233 Fix some memory leaks in jobqueue code
  • bug 1336958 Call delete on HTML::Tree objects to avoid leaking memory
  • bug 1336387 CSP breaks GitHubAuth on index and bug modal pages
  • bug 1335843 Secure HTML bugmail body begins with HUGE "Subject: [Bug NNN] Bug-summary", which usually causes overflow in my email client
  • bug 1237790 The experimental user interface doesn't provide link to help of bug fields
  • bug 1336659 Remove og:image meta tag from bug detail page
  • bug 1321592 Update Bugzilla Etiquette and add Abuse Policy


  • bug 1334560 test_search.t and test_shared_searches.t need to be updated due to commit of bug 1333942
  • bug 1324055 Upgrade jquery to 3.1.1 and jquery-ui 1.12.1
  • bug 1335362 CSP regression: MozReview requests section is broken ("Error loading review requests: unknown")


  • bug 1334158 Lightbox images CSP error on bug modal
  • bug 1333942 Include quicksearch query string in the buglist.cgi HTML title
  • bug 1334160 CSP error on button "rep_hw_os"
  • bug 1280397 [a11y] Make the component, product, and other latches accessible


  • bug 1286290 CSP compliant bug modal
  • bug 1333525 Blocking type tracking flags are not visible from the modal UI
  • bug 1280397 [a11y] Make the component, product, and other latches accessible