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Recent Changes


  • bug 1281189 Modal View Date field is Glitched after Setting Needinfo


  • bug 1277600 Custom field "Crash Signature" link is deprecated
  • bug 1274757 hourly whine being run every 15 minutes
  • bug 1278592 "status" label disappears when changing the resolution in view mode
  • bug 1209219 Add an option to the disable the "X months ago" format for dates


  • bug 1262474 the 'rank' field label is incorrectly visible in view mode
  • bug 1262459 restyle the "this bug has been marked as a duplicate" comment
  • bug 1272546 unauthenticated users cannot expand the cc list
  • bug 1153105 add orange factor to modal view
  • bug 1146778 link to the classic printing format for now
  • bug 1269549 Component watching prefix matches too much
  • bug 1270720 Do not add reporter email address to CC list when flagging "Need more information from reporter"
  • bug 1277863 Add crash signature field for "External Software Affecting Firefox" product


  • bug 1272384 inline user story changes should not be shown on bug-modal
  • bug 1220807 The new UI doesn't show anything for the review requester in the attachments table if their name contains :\s
  • bug 1275567 'user story' summary shouldn't be visible in module header when user story is empty


  • bug 1274139 QuickSearch: searching for text containing colons no longer works
  • bug 1262039 typo in error message "Failed to retreive components..."
  • bug 1272548 bug link in header broken if format param specified
  • bug 1225241 Section titles should be highlighted
  • bug 1149384 implement time tracking interface
  • bug 1265392 Clicking "stop following this bug" also turned off the 'restrict comments to users not in editbugs' flag
  • bug 1262462 automatically collapse the first comment when it's empty
  • bug 1262468 add reporter_accessible checkbox
  • bug 1275077 Add Alex Salkever to the VP drop down list? Thanks! :)
  • bug 1268305 Integrate Readable Bug Status in Bug Detail Page