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Recent Changes


  • bug 1280406 [a11y] Make each start of a comment a heading 3 for easier navigation
  • bug 1280395 [a11y] Make the Add Comment and Preview tabs real accessible tabs
  • bug 1329659 Copy A11y tweaks from BugzillaA11yFixes.user.js
  • bug 1330449 Clarify "Edit" button
  • bug 1329511 Any link to user-entered URL with target="_blank" should have rel="noopener" or rel="noreferrer"


  • bug 1328665 Two issues with Project Review form for RRAs
  • bug 1307478 Elasticsearch Indexer / Bulk Indexer
  • bug 1328650 Update HRBP list in Recruiting Product
  • bug 1209242 Can't locate object method "_reverseoperator" via package "Bugzilla::Search" at /data/www/ line 3134.
  • bug 1280388 [a11y] Make the bug summary a heading level 1


  • bug 1328464 The checkbox of "Add me to CC list (follow this bug)" doesn't work


  • bug 1262457 the list of comment tags in the 'tags' menu isn't updated in real time
  • bug 1321662 Ensure that Carp and Carp::Heavy are only loaded after @INC is setup with the vendor bundles
  • bug 1325432 Work 'New' in bug summary for form.crm is redundant and should be removed
  • bug 1299855 Implement token-bucket rate limiting on top of memcached
  • bug 1324058 Migrate from jquery-cookie to js-cookie, as the former is no longer maintained
  • bug 1262465 ensure unprivileged users can mark a bug as security sensitive


  • bug 1323244 The "Comments Subject to Etiquette and Contributor Guidelines" link is the enemy of muscle memory
  • bug 1323595 Update to form for Recruiting Product
  • bug 1322271 Tooltip for "Priority" field should explain that P1 is highest priority etc
  • bug 1321592 Update Bugzilla Etiquette and add Abuse Policy
  • bug 1313766 Bugzilla::Bug->send_changes() should not output HTML directly