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Recent Changes



  • bug 1418205 Update easy product selector on Browse and Enter Bug pages
  • bug 1379607 Reimplement Google Analytics on
  • bug 1393950 Block users from signing into Phabricator unless they have MFA enabled
  • bug 1363889 Update BMO to use new Mozilla branding
  • bug 1420300 Move bug tagging tool from global footer to bug footer
  • bug 1420295 Remove the Bugzilla version number from homepage
  • bug 1381296 Buttons on modal UI are not displayed in Fira Sans font, too small compared to other ones
  • bug 1417980 Fix non-HTTPS links and outdated links where possible





  • bug 1332016 Integrate the Socorro Lens into Bug Modal
  • bug 1264093 Create new bug entry form for client security bugs



  • bug 1405011 Prevent code in from executing twice
  • bug 1406235 Cleanup httpd config and expose server limits as env settings
  • bug 1404092 Bugzilla->localconfig should directly use environmental variables and ignore the localconfig file
  • bug 1406239 Pass CircleCI Environmental variables to docker build process
  • bug 1399593 Both PhabBugz and the Phabricator Push Connector should add comments for unknown groups
  • bug 1407617 When making a phab revision public, the edit policy also needs to be set to 'users'
  • bug 1405754 Autocomplete failing at random for some nicks (including, and especially bz)



  • bug 1401463 Remember previous URL in "reset password" state
  • bug 1402097 Disable apache access log in container
  • bug 1401569 typo in "enabled two-factor authentication"
  • bug 1402878 Add some more sanity-type tests, including perl critic
  • bug 1403584 Clear r+ in bug when reviewer is removed from the revision by the author via Change Reviewers
  • bug 1402982 Can't log out during mfa-lockout or password-reset state