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Recent Changes



  • bug 1690204 Automatically set `tracking-?` for the current nightly/beta releases for all S1 bugs
  • bug 1690201 Require a comment when changing the severity field
  • bug 1639906 Wide character (U+2192) in substitution (s///) at /app/local/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-gnu/Template/ line 62.
  • bug 1722985 Update to latest Perl dependencies to support IAM
  • bug 1727027 bug is not a valid parameter for the Bugzilla::Comment::create function.
  • bug 1722612 Add support for sending IP addresses of authentication failures and abusive behavior to the iprepd API for rate limiting



  • bug 1720283 pages found by Google search, should get excluded by robots.txt
  • bug 1721056 404 error link to "bug writing guidelines" on top of enter_bug.cgi
  • bug 1722059 Bugs filed under partner-confidential auto cc certain users. The default user is no longer with Mozilla
  • bug 1711191 createaccount.cgi request includes session token in URI
  • bug 1721714 Missing session checks at 2FA leading to improper session management in BMO (



  • bug 1690205 Automatically clear current release tracking flags and unset priority if the bug severity is changed from S1
  • bug 1719241 Update out of date information on the Bugzilla Etiquette page
  • bug 1719378 Fix bug in code that allows inactive users to reactivate their own accounts



  • bug 1690203 Automatically set priority to P1 when severity is set to S1
  • bug 1712619 [GITHUBAUTH] Use authorization header instead of access_token query parameter when retrieving email addresses
  • bug 1713054 Add "see also" support for
  • bug 1713599 Add a card to the bug-creation flow directing user feedback to



  • bug 1690202 Automatically set severity to S2 for all new bugs with the crash keyword
  • bug 1705743 Make frequently reported bugs more obvious for enter bug form and duplicates.cgi more intuitive
  • bug 1708052 Create edittriageowners group allowing specific users to edit triage owners of components but nothing else