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Recent Changes



  • bug 1643526 Attachment comments don't render markdown, but their preview does
  • bug 1654456 [needinfo] Provide instructions and guidance when needinfo is requested of the bug's reporter
  • bug 1654370 Remove remaining code that references Firefox OS from BMO code base
  • bug 1655808 Send guided bug flow users to GitHub for Fenix issues



  • bug 1645768 Please add 'See Also' support for GitLab
  • bug 1651591 BMO attempts to preload FiraSans, which was replaced with FiraGO in May 2019
  • bug 1535000 Make Description (Comment 0) editable by everyone with edit_comments rights
  • bug 1652863 setting the needinfo flag when filing a new bug in Core or Toolkit does not cause the textbox for user information to pop up
  • bug 1647642 when commenting on patch or reviewing one, bugzilla clears other (review, ui-review) flags



  • bug 1643821 Add code to to create an oauth2 client for Phabricator when used for development
  • bug 1645455 Can't attach some text, 500 internal server error
  • bug 1646559 Phabricator to BMO OAuth2 authentication fails to work properly due to CSP protections



  • bug 1641249 Enable the crash signature field for the Focus and Fenix Stability components
  • bug 1641897 Cleanup old severity values in custom forms and other places
  • bug 1641117 Add Sentry to the list of See Also URLs.
  • bug 1642654 Add ability for users to reactivate their own account when disabled from inactivity



  • bug 1638022 Phabbugz should not try to set needs-review when the revision is closed or abandoned
  • bug 1639311 Attaching a file with emojis breaks them
  • bug 1639903 Fix `Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /app/Bugzilla/ line 71`
  • bug 1639902 Fix `Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /app/Bugzilla/ line 4674`