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Recent Changes



  • bug 1812384 Error occurring when $revision->uplift_request in Phabbugz is being interpreted as true when it is really empty
  • bug 1812457 we are unconditionally setting release-managers review on the patch when we detect the change, even when release-managers has already given an r+ review.
  • bug 1812606 github pull request with the same number but from different repos get confused



  • bug 1809448 clarify BMO datadog code is used for statsd
  • bug 1809452 local suite BMO instance doesn't have markdown comments enabled
  • bug 1805453 Implement Bugzilla-updating logic from Phab uplift extension in PhabBugz feed reader



  • bug 1806477 Secbugsreport CronJob failing in latest release
  • bug 1805681 github pull request webhook returns 400
  • bug 1808056 Expose "Rank" field for bugs in the "Fenix" and "Focus" products



  • bug 1804082 Cron jobs require sql_mode=only_full_group_by
  • bug 1803867 Add SMTP config options for enabling tls and specifying port number
  • bug 1804957 Bugzilla's "socorro lens" crash graph shows an incorrect zero value as the last data-point (for crash volume yesterday or today), making it always appear as if we're just past a spike even when we're not
  • bug 1805179 Expose creation_ts in the REST API for the user endpoint



  • bug 1801343 Need a way to disable the github PR linking if needed
  • bug 1801309 Only create new attachments when a pull request is initially opened so as to not create possible duplicates
  • bug 1802735 Quoting groups in remove_idle_group_members script
  • bug 1799777 Update the "Focus" product's description (and list Focus on describecomponents.cgi and enter_bug.cgi)
  • bug 1802894 Please delist "Data Platform and Tools" from new bug page