BMO/Recent Changes/2012-07

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  • bug 772994 Add a new header to bug mail called X-Bugzilla-Tracking that shows current tracking flag values
  • bug 774183 release tracking flag refresh (17)
  • bug 774528 Add approval-mozilla-esr10 to the release tracking report
  • bug 775068 product chooser drops cloned_bug_id from the query string, breaking bug cloning
  • bug 774941 Changes to the IT Request Bugzilla form for Service Now


  • bug 769720 Allow tracking flags to be shown on Engineering* product:component
  • bug 770104 Fix "Use of uninitialized value in pattern match" warning
  • bug 769731 Rename the "Fennec Native" product to "Firefox for Android"
  • bug 684701 Add a "watch user" to components and make mandatory
  • bug 684171 add a "(take)" link to the QA Contact field
  • bug 766910 Changes in mentorship form of remo
  • bug 772302 Disable blocking-fennec1.0 for all bugs where it is unset
  • bug 771646 Pressing enter cancels component-picking [prod_comp_search_autocomplete]
  • bug 771739 Implement the component search facility from the bmo extension on the browse (describe components) page
  • bug 769152 "Web Apps" product security group should not be webtools-security
  • bug 764517 Clearing the list of keywords and then pressing Enter causes the first keyword to be submitted