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  • bug 875464 Air Mozilla Event (Brownbag) Request Form Obsolete
  • bug 875865 Splinter doesn't parse patches where the hunk is missing the source range length
  • bug 875613 The default for needinfo should be "other"
  • bug 876414 I should be able to comment on a bug that is needinfo?(me) without clearing the needinfo?
  • bug 760989 Splinter should not require login


  • bug 873153 Add in-moztrap, tracking-fennec to Android Background Services product
  • bug 870202 investigate ways of improving the performance of bugmail composition


  • bug 828344 "contains all of the words" no longer looks for all words within the same comment or flag
  • bug 874081 Add a class to declare which skin is currently used
  • bug 874327 add Blocking_B2G to tcl connector
  • bug 870202 investigate ways of improving the performance of bugmail composition
  • bug 874464 unable to file bugs with the guided bug entry form using IE


  • bug 868044 Bugzilla should be automagically aware of which product channel a bug-filer is using.
  • bug 815531 splinter fails to display attachment 681995 correctly
  • bug 869077 Component isn't preselected from the query_string when cloning a bug
  • bug 850135 hide the textarea custom fields by default with an (edit) link
  • bug 866447 Make form.doc set up whiteboard for
  • bug 871436 release tracking flag refresh (24)
  • bug 870907 Project Kickoff Form: javascript responsible for checking for required values not working
  • bug 828344 "contains all of the words" no longer looks for all words within the same comment or flag
  • bug 872022 don't link a review flag to splinter unless the attachment is a patch
  • bug 841559 Project Kickoff Form: Simplify finance question regrading budget
  • bug 850920 Project Kickoff Form: Add new question to Legal subsection area
  • bug 841449 Project Kickoff Form: New Question within Finance Sub Questions
  • bug 850934 Project Kickoff Form: Make Release Date a Required Field
  • bug 850932 Project Kickoff Form: Rework Privacy Policy/Project sub questions
  • bug 826214 New file with one line isn't shown
  • bug 797840 Replying to a comment on Splinter always replies to the first comment
  • bug 821889 Make it so that Splinter shouts loudly when a patch introduces Windows line endings


  • bug 869025 create a report to sanity check product's default security group
  • bug 869220 SecureMail message when no key is set doesn't seem to be grammatically correct.
  • bug 869261 In the bug entry form the default security group should be displayed to let user know which group will be set
  • bug 863686 "Congratulations" email received for first approval+ instead of first review+
  • bug 652334 splinter doesn't support hg/git 'rename' or 'copy'
  • bug 695662 splinter doesn't support bzr rename
  • bug 709897 splinter doesn't like hg diffs where a file was copied and then modified
  • bug 685645 make it clearer in splinter that a hunk's section/function header is not a removal
  • bug 870109 Project Kickoff Form: Doesn't create Security Review bugs


  • bug 866807 [sentry] "use of uninitialized values" warnings in quicksearch
  • bug 866805 [sentry] "Unicode character 0xfffe is illegal" warnings
  • bug 866806 [sentry] Lost connection to MySQL server during query
  • bug 867399 [sentry] "use of uninitialized values" warnings in quicksearch
  • bug 858909 [Oracle] When running for the first time using Oracle as DB server, you get an "uninitialized value" warning
  • bug 848635 Old queries based on tags are no longer listed in the page footer by default when upgrading from 4.0 or older to 4.2
  • bug 867207 make the "Internet Public Policy" custom form the default for bugs, with a link to the standard bug entry form
  • bug 867520 guided bug entry doesn't honour the default bug format
  • bug 867177 Backport bug 745533to bmo/4.2 to add index to audit_log table
  • bug 848382 The background of attachment fields is dark gray in the Mozilla theme
  • bug 865686 Add new Bugzilla product under "Other" called "Developer Ecosystem"
  • bug 866248 Add DATE type for custom fields
  • bug 859118 called with no arguments returns all visible bugs, ignoring max_search_results and search_allow_no_criteria
  • bug 212471 Tabular reports do not link bug counts involving the empty resolution correctly
  • bug 825886 When moving bugs from one product to another, I should be able to keep a security bug private across groups that I'm not a member of
  • bug 868915 guided bug entry's guided_products.js throws ISE when a product is missing