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  • bug 848455 Comment anchor links do not scroll to the correct part of the page in the Mozilla theme
  • bug 895449 fix the font size in html bugmail for non-web clients
  • bug 893539 Feedback request emails should contain splinter link
  • bug 895306 REST endpoint returns both JSON and HTML errors when running under mod_perl
  • bug 787328 xmlrpc.cgi doesn't send any security-related headers
  • bug 897093 Backport the upstream Product.get webservice changes ( ) to bmo/4.2
  • bug 533878 Allow relative date searches involving date/time custom fields
  • bug 345194 Add "is empty" and "is not empty" search operators to the boolean chart
  • bug 895282 Add Webmaker to Bugzilla enter_bug product selection pages
  • bug 897512 add support for proxies to the persona extension
  • bug 750742 Create new BMO extension called TrackingFlags to move current tracking flags away from custom fields
  • bug 895309 comments returned via the REST endpoint shouldn't be wrapped
  • bug 896197 On MyDashboard, assigned to you section arrows are present on the back of the bugs found text.


  • bug 892382 make html bugmail look better in gmail
  • bug 892601 Port over upstream native REST patch ( ) to bmo/4.2
  • bug 888939 patches created by pasting the attachment content should use unix line endings
  • bug 894534 Need blocking-b2g project flag added to Mozilla Localizations
  • bug 878960 Move Operations: RelEng bugs to Infrastructure & Operations::RelOps
  • bug 894878 CSV output template for request queues has gone away
  • bug 804708 Add a "Review" extension to customise the review flag for Mozilla's workflow (make requestee/reviewer mandatory, provide review suggestions, etc)


  • bug 887682 show the mozilla-corporation-confidential checkbox on show_bug to all mozilla-corporation-confidential-visible members
  • bug 822980 backport to bmo (Bugzilla::User objects should be cached where appropriate)


  • bug 888760 Needinfo with "Other" address data, then changed to "Reporter" still checks validity of "Other"
  • bug 848685 When many flags are set for a patch attachment, the "Mozilla" skin shows them in a single line
  • bug 886229 Style text, select and multi-select boxes, and submit Search buttons in the "Mozilla" skin
  • bug 888806 Bugzilla login field should use "placeholder" HTML5 attribute instead of JavaScript
  • bug 888829 updated robots.txt is being replaced by the SiteMapIndex extension
  • bug 890992 update the firefox icon on enter_bug