BMO/Recent Changes/2016-08

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  • bug 1290511 Move "Mozilla Labs:Personas Plus" to graveyard and add a bug-form message


  • bug 1286027 Display ReviewRequestSummary diffstat information in MozReview section
  • bug 1290959 Create custom NDA bug entry form in Legal
  • bug 1279368 Run Script to Remove Old Whiteboard Tag and Add New Keyword to affected bugs where we are creating new keywords.
  • bug 1290499 Updates to Recruiting Bug Form
  • bug 1287895 fetching Github pull requests should have better logging to help with debugging errors



  • bug 1290580 Rebase docker infra off of CentOS 6 & use docker organization
  • bug 1298815 Re-introduce
  • bug 1294478 Move JSON serialization out of the templates and into perl to improve performance
  • bug 1299280 Recent changes introduced by bug 1294478, flags do not display on the enter_bug.cgi page