BMO/Recent Changes/2016-12

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  • bug 1323244 The "Comments Subject to Etiquette and Contributor Guidelines" link is the enemy of muscle memory
  • bug 1323595 Update to form for Recruiting Product
  • bug 1322271 Tooltip for "Priority" field should explain that P1 is highest priority etc
  • bug 1321592 Update Bugzilla Etiquette and add Abuse Policy
  • bug 1313766 Bugzilla::Bug->send_changes() should not output HTML directly


  • bug 1319103 unrelated bugs getting added to dependency graph
  • bug 1319503 Backport request_cache optimizations from upstream
  • bug 1287461 Can't request needinfo from someone when I'm needinfo'd on a bug
  • bug 1215501 [modal ui only?] When moving a bug to a different product and removing a security-group, the other product's security group gets added automatically anyway
  • bug 1318502 Add help utilities to scripts/ dir to aid in setting localconfig and data/params to custom values.
  • bug 1318781 Add link to Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines for new bugs and bug comments
  • bug 1302865 Bug Modal doesn't seem to work for Mandatory/Mandatory groups
  • bug 1316180 Autocomplete on all fields should be off for security bugs
  • bug 1264821 We want to replace the project kick-off form with a contract request form