BMO/Recent Changes/2017-09

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  • bug 1400419 Direct GitHub-auth'd users that are required to use 2FA to issue a password reset
  • bug 1400949 Password requirements not stated



  • bug 1399508 Pass along transaction id to BMO API calls for linking back to the exact change in the revision history
  • bug 1391702 Replace Bugzilla::User::validate_password() with calls to Data::Password::passwdqc
  • bug 1364233 Add setting to force a group to require MFA and restrict users in that group who have not enabled MFA



  • bug 1395346 Allow setting obsolete to false for phabricator attachments when a user reclaims a revision
  • bug 1396042 Implement logging for the BMO push connector
  • bug 1397747 Move _get_all_group_names to Bugzilla::Config::Common::_get_all_group_names, and remove copy-pasted code
  • bug 1398340 Typo in 2fa enrollment flow: "enrolment" (missing an L)
  • bug 1393888 Write httpd access handler to block by ip address stored in memcached
  • bug 1397927 Add comment to bug when a revision is accepted/denied with the users real names
  • bug 1396957 Synchronize CC list on security bugs over to revisions as subscribers
  • bug 1398889 Add param 'silent_users' that never trigger sending bugmail