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  • bug 602313 Allow creation of attachments by pasting an image from clipboard, as well as by drag-and-dropping a file from desktop
  • bug 1482475 Add extensive testing framework
  • bug 1480878 Monitor the health of PhabBugz connector job processing
  • bug 1473958 Update Thunderbird logo, replace Data Platform and Tools icon on easy product selector
  • bug 1482145 PhabBot changes are showing up as from the wrong user, and also sending email incorrectly (based on the wrong current user)



  • bug 1480891 my dashboard does not show the revision id and title for phabricator review requests
  • bug 1481893 After recent push of bug 1478897 bug/revision syncing has been broken due to coding error



  • bug 1479350 "Phabricator Reviews Requested of You" lists bugs which I have reviewed
  • bug 1374266 Improve the "Zarro Boogs found" message
  • bug 1480169 Consider reducing the verbosity of phabricator 'Revision Approved' bugzilla comments
  • bug 1478897 ensure phabbugs doesn't fail outright when encountering invalid bug ids
  • bug 1480599 Add "File new bug" menu to product/component hovercard
  • bug 1481207 POST /rest/bug_user_last_visit returns random number instead of bug ID
  • bug 1446855 enter_bug.cgi: Searching for duplicate bugs should trigger on changes to the Summary, not on all keystrokes
  • bug 1480473 Component description page: highlighted component lacks padding
  • bug 1474809 add "new to bugzilla" tag to non-comment changes
  • bug 1480897 When making a revision public, make the revision editable only by the bmo-editbugs-team project (editbugs)



  • bug 1480583 User->match is not paging properly so all user results are not return if more than 100 users



  • bug 1476288 Replace moz_nick with (new, revised) nick and also attempt to disallow duplicate nicks
  • bug 1472954 Implement one-click component watching on bug modal and component description pages
  • bug 1136271 Make user profile page visible to anyone for easier sharing
  • bug 1475593 Bugzilla Emails received when patches are attached in Phabricator
  • bug 1476841 Various code cleanups ahead of the Mojolicious patch
  • bug 1477894 get_attachment_revisions() should be returning an empty list, instead of a list of [0]
  • bug 1478012 Phab allows projects to have empty descriptions so in PhabBugz should allow the same
  • bug 1419636 Make Google Analytics use beacon/XHR instead of img tag
  • bug 1478540 Update to load more than 100 users by using the paging functionality of Conduit API
  • bug 1478983 WebService endpoint to check if a user can enter a bug into a given product
  • bug 1479523 Disable one-click component watching for logged out users
  • bug 1320977 Add review/feedback/needinfo request counts and block statuses to /rest/user and /rest/user/suggest responses
  • bug 1475687 Remove custom form
  • bug 1466737 "use my platform" should default to x86_64 on Mac OS X
  • bug 1479563 Wrap labels in Requests dropdown list
  • bug 1432095 OpenGraph image not loaded
  • bug 1478013 Importance, Status and Platform section labels in show bug view are linked but not clickable