BMO/Recent Changes/2019-02

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  • bug 1523317 Exclude Graveyard products from QuickSearch results
  • bug 1512815 Optimize Bugzilla->active_custom_fields() for CPU and memory usage
  • bug 1524174 Redirect to show_bug.cgi after creating bug or updating a bug
  • bug 1524213 phabricator revisions list on bug page has extra / in the revision link
  • bug 1523404 Cannot clear all scopes when editing an oauth2 client. Throws DB error
  • bug 1525308 Custom Bug Entry Form for Blocklist Policy Requests
  • bug 1525451 Update triage owner report defaults
  • bug 1524158 markdown generated by approval comment form could be improved
  • bug 1525808 Remove CC changes from activity stream
  • bug 1476111 Enable syntax highlighting in comment code blocks
  • bug 1528334 Adding image to main bugzilla screen for User Research
  • bug 1047539 Bugmails including "See Also" bug links do not include a "Referenced Bugs" section with the summary of the other bug
  • bug 1402894 Remove "Restrict this session to this IP" option from login page
  • bug 1461492 Add an optional regressed-by field in bugs
  • bug 1528277 Add "Has STR" and "Has Regression Range" fields for the 'External Software Affecting Firefox' product