BMO/Recent Changes/2020-01

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  • bug 1611257 Bugmail is being filtered incorrectly since this morning's BMO deployment



  • bug 1569274 Updated Dockerfile and circleci configuration to build dependencies into a new bmo-slim image based on Perl 5.30
  • bug 1604738 crash graph doesn't handle signatures with "+" character
  • bug 1592410 different bug count with and without count_only=1 parameter
  • bug 1607030 Selecting a most-used component goes into a loop when switching from guided bug entry form
  • bug 1608781 Etiquette page should stop sending people to IRC
  • bug 1605179 Abandoning a revision assigns the commit author to the unassigned bug.
  • bug 1608491 Improve docker environment for developers wanting to work on bmo code
  • bug 1608960 2018 is not last year