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  • bug 1820859 Wrap code that looks for a latest nightly/stable versions of Firefox in try/catch block in case of failure
  • bug 1821251 Quick search box can't be activated in screen reader browse mode
  • bug 1821521 [GITHUB] Only perform actions to a bug if branch is main, master, or a release branch. Ignore feature, bugfix branches, etc.
  • bug 1821679 [GITHUB] Display the name of the branch the commit was made in the comment added to the bug
  • bug 1821694 [GITHUB] Commits made to release branches should not close the bugs, only add status flag and comment
  • bug 1821739 [GITHUB] When a status flag is set from a commit, the flag is stored in the flags table, but it is not recorded properly in the bugs_activity table
  • bug 1821478 [GITHUB] Fall back to if author.username is missing
  • bug 1821386 Set the Milestone field when resolving bugs after PR merges



  • bug 1821078 Nightly download link on front page should not have the en-US locale code
  • bug 1821175 Push comment support is too strict when validating JSON data from Github and throwing error when sending event



  • bug 1802052 GitHub API endpoint for GitHub/Bugzilla push hook to link bugs to GitHub commits
  • bug 1816611 Add links to download Firefox Beta and Nightly to the index page
  • bug 1819404 Add documentation for the new github push comment support added in bug 1802052
  • bug 1820042 Calling bug->update twice on the same bug object is generally a bad idea so we load a second copy during the uplift process
  • bug 1799913 Remove parameters from crash signatures in bug summaries