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The web platform continues to evolve, and is now the platform of choice for a variety of applications that run on different platforms, including mobile devices. With some organizations announcing a web-based operating system, it's time to look at all the new emerging platform capabilities that we're landing on the Open Web.

This talk will cover the "state of the web" today, including an overview of emerging implementations of HTML5 and other web technologies, such as:

  • New Ajax APIs in IE8+, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Canvas and Video
  • Drag and Drop, and the File API
  • Graphical capabilities and
  • CSS capabilities

Additionally, it will discuss the exposure of hardware-resident technologies to the web, which includes:

  • Hardware-accelerated 3D graphics exposed to Canvas (WebGL)
  • Device APIs including Geolocation, Orientation, and Multitouch
  • The "general approach" we are going to take with respect to Device APIs

The talk will feature demos and general discussions with the audience about use cases and the kinds of applications that we envision seeing in the future, and what Mozilla is doing to foster these applications. Along with demos, some code snippets will be shown. The audience is expected to be generally familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Some knowledge of graphics programming will come in useful.

The talk is meant to be an overview of the web in 2010, and what the future holds in store for us.