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Note that bugzilla.mozilla.org, the instance of Bugzilla run by and for the Mozilla project, has its own set of modules.

Name: Bugzilla (#)
Description: The bug-tracking web application from Mozilla
Owner: Dave Miller
Source Dir(s): bugzilla/
URL: http://www.bugzilla.org/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-bugzilla

Sub Modules

Name: Administration (#)
Description: Pages related to the administration of a Bugzilla installation, features oriented.
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Administration
Name: Attachments (#)
Description: Attachment creation and management
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Attachments & Requests
Name: Authentication (#)
Description: Authentication API, communication and interactions between Bugzilla installations
Name: Bug creation and modification (#)
Description: Creating, changing, and viewing bugs
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Creating/Changing Bugs
Name: Charting system (#)
Description: Old and new chart systems
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Reporting/Charting
Name: Databases (#)
Description: Interface with databases, database support
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Database
Name: Documentation (#)
Description: Bugzilla documentation
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Documentation
Name: Email notifications (#)
Description: Emails sent during bug changes, including flags
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Email Notifications
Name: Exporting and Importing (#)
Description: Importing and exporting bug reports with another Bugzilla installation
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Bug Import/Export & Moving
Name: Extensions and Hooks (#)
Description: Everything related to extensions, including adding/modifying hooks
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Extensions
Name: Flags and Requests (#)
Description: Flag system
Name: Installation and Upgrading (#)
Description: Installing a fresh copy of Bugzilla, or upgrading from an older installation
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Installation & Upgrading
Name: Search system and Queries (#)
Description: Mostly include Search.pm code and the way data are passed to it and returned
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::Query/Bug List
Name: Security (#)
Description: Security related stuff
Owner: bugzilla-security group
Name: User Interface (#)
Description: Design of Bugzilla pages, as well as workflow
Bugzilla Component(s): Bugzilla::User Interface

Unassigned Bugzilla Components

The following Bugzilla components in the Bugzilla project have not been assigned to a module:

Bugzilla::Dependency Views
Bugzilla::Incoming Email
Bugzilla::Testing Suite
Bugzilla::User Accounts