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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Bugzilla (#)
Description: Bugzilla is the bug-tracking web application from Mozilla; this module's ownership includes responsibility for all of Bugzilla's internal components.
Owner: Dave Miller
Peer(s): Dylan Hardison
Owner(s) Emeritus: Terry Weissman, Tara Hernandez
Peer(s) Emeritus: Gervase Markham, Mark Côté, Byron Jones, Simon Green, Max Kanat-Alexander, Frédéric Buclin, Chris Yeh, Dan Mosedale
Source Dir(s): bugzilla/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-bugzilla