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  • We have some active new users :)
  • Waiting for Legal feedback on privacy notice and FAQ
  • Fixed empty report bugs and improved scanning accuracy


  • Importing third-party location data
  • Finished async/scheduled worker setup and moved /stats to async daily jobs
  • Redeployed site to slightly bigger Amazon EC and RDS instances


  • Hanno visiting SF/MV next two weeks
  • Need to discuss metrics and process for evaluating our location data

Next Actions

  • Release MozStumbler v0.3.0 beta before EOW
  • Evaluate the geo data we have
    • Implement server search API
    • Implement client "find me" button and map view that uses server search API
    • Hanno to look at geo data in ElasticSearch
  • Chris will ask Gerv to review licenses for third-party data dumps (OpenBmap, OpenCellID, etc)
  • How can we increase our stumbling data?
    • Ship stumbling devices to remote locations to increase coverage?
    • Stumbling taxis/buses?
    • Stumbling desktop browsers?