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  • Hanno has will be visiting SF the first week of September, MV the second week, and Vancouver the third.
  • Chris, Mark, and Hanno met with designer Bryan Bell in SF to brainstorm stumbler gamification.
    • Separate data collection server and game server
      • Increases privacy because collection server doesn't know about game players and game server doesn't know about location data
      • Shifts target of game cheaters from collection server to game server
      • But how can game server count points without knowing location data is valid or new?
    • Scoring
      • N points for a new AP (to encourage players to stumble new areas)
      • Give fewer points for APs already seen (to encourage players to revisit scanned)
      • But discount already seen APs by the number of days since last seen (to encourage players to not rescan as often)
    • Scoring cell towers versus APs
      • Give more points for cell towers than APs
      • Our data's cell:AP ratio is ~15:1
      • WiGLE's cell:AP ratio is ~35:1
    • FYI: In my roundtrip Berkeley-SF-Berkeley commute yesterday, I stumbled about 600 new APs, 3400 duplicate APs, and 20 new cell towers

Next Actions

  • Hanno is reworking the stats / leaderboard and moving them to async scheduled tasks.
  • Hanno to update leaderboard to consider different tokens with the same nickname as the same user.
  • Chris to fix "stumbler doesn't save nickname" bug.