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  • Need to ping Legal and PR about privacy notice and FAQ


  • Server no longer uses user token IDs, just nicknames.
  • Implemented too aggressive "moving wifi AP" detection and introduced wifi blacklist
  • Added first attempt of "synthesize AP location" logic


  • hannosch is in SF, MV, and Vancouver for the next three weeks.
  • Discussing open data licenses in bug 911306.
  • cpeterson is reaching out to some stumbling groups about collaborating.

Next Actions

  • dougt has been volunteered to implement a stumbler map view so we can test the search API:
  • Optimize heat map:
    • New hire Nick will investigate front-end optimizations.
    • hannosch will generate and cache map csv data nightly, not on every request.
  • Ask for security team feedback on obfuscating published data using secret splitting
  • cpeterson to post MozStumbler 0.4.0 beta release