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Japan Top Sites progress (mike)

Let's discuss where we're at. Reoccurring topic for the near future.

  • mike: We've analyzed the top sites (maybe 1 or 2 left, Mike to follow up today). Karl will help coordinate outreach efforts with the Japan team.
  • mike: I'm investigating UA overrides, and if the dynamic list work in Fennec (unsuccessful in my attempts so far, but probably doing something wrong).
  • mike: Hallvord, what have you been working on?
  • hallvord: I've been working on building a data store (mysql database) for test results. We've never really had a place to store things for compatipede-ish things or screenshot testing.

UA Overrides (mike)

Quick question on this.

  • mike: I had a question for Brad, but I'll follow up with him directly.

Site Regression tooling (mike)

We need to build this.

  • mike: We can start simple. It might be enough to have a tool that is just testing "smartphone" vs "pc" sites (we have a list of where we want to land for the top 100 sites). And then build on top of that: screenshots, screenshot diffing, JS & CSS error reporting, arbitrary JS tests/plugins, etc.
  • hallvord: All of my prototypes just run locally, I've never set them up on a server to run on a cron.
  • mike: I can help with that.
  • Hallvord: you could try SlimerTester.js or
  • mike: OK, I'll also reply to your email thread on prototypes so we can continue this discussion via email.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress