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Mobile Web Compatibility

What Are Web Compatibility Issues?

A person should be able to use the Web with whichever device and browser they are using.

Unfortunately, some developers by choice or negligence will make their Web sites unusable by specific devices or browsers. We need to open up the Web to any rendering engines (Blink, Gecko, Trident, etc.) and/or browsers, when used on mobile devices.

There are 4 key problem areas that must be addressed:

  1. user agent (UA) detection
  2. specific CSS prefixes (such as WebKit)
  3. specific DOM/JS/content (such as WebKit)
  4. Gecko limitations (for Mozilla)


The vague goal for this project is to open up the mobile Web to all browsers. A specific project goal is being defined by the market insights, product, and project management teams.


In scope
  • Any site with a mobile version
  • Any locale
Out of scope
  • Site enhancements
  • Firefox OS or Firefox Marketplace apps
  • Issues created by add-ons or ad-blockers

Get Involved

Fixing the Web will only be successful with the efforts of everyone (Web site developers, Volunteers, Partners, and Mozilla employees). Mozilla can't do it alone.


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See Meetings.

Press & Blog Posts

Our blog posts are aggregated through Planet Web Compatibility. You will also find an history of our blog posts in the meeting minutes, check for the section "Broken Voices Of the Web"

Minutes and Progress Reports

This section has been moved to Meetings.


We might be somewhere in the world, close to you and maybe we can find a way to help you kick start a Web Compatibility Activity in your own country. Or you want us to speak at a conference.


Here we provide links to presentations about the WebCompat effort.


Mozilla Corporation

Project Management Mike Taylor (irc: miketaylr)
Bugs Analysis and Contacts Hallvord Steen (irc: hallvors), Mike Taylor (irc: miketaylr), Karl Dubost (irc: karlcow), [[User:|Adam Stevenson]] (irc: adam_s)
Community Participation Some people are participating on a very regular basis on both Bugzilla and New participation is welcome.

Volunteers Leading Web Compatibility efforts

You can be part of it. Check how-to start your own local community, read the Guide, be an ambassador for the project, and take a free space down there or create a new locale if it doesn't exist yet. It's really up to you on making the Web more accessible by anyone. We can help you to start. The full list of countries

Activities Leader Joined on (Left)
Brazil Leo Balter October 2013
Brazil Daniel Filho October 2013
Brazil Fabricio Zuardi October 2013
Colombia Free
Germany Sezen Günes February 2014
Greece Thanos Lefteris October 2013
India Abdul Rauf (irc: haseeb) October 2013
Mexico Alex Mayorga November 2013
Poland Free
Serbia Free
Spain Free
Sweden Oliver Propst January 2014
Venezuela Leonard Camacho October 2014
Infrastructure Seif Lotfy October 2013
Infrastructure/ Guillaume Demesy May 2014
Infrastructure/ Daniel Davis June 2014
Communication Kohei Yoshino October 2013
UX/Design/ Alexa Roman January 2014