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  • test-harness is a "sandbox" for playing with IPDL protocols
  • testipcshell
    • soon to be folded into xpcshell as new JS library functions
    • currently have three types of processes:
      • chrome: main browser process (1)
      • content: process running all content (1)
      • plugins: runs a plugin module, like Flash (1 per plugin module)
    • mozilla-runtime is binary executed for all child processes (content and plugins)
    • can we test plugins in xpcshell?
      • maybe by creating an nsIWindow (?) and faking XPCOM input events
      • would be a bandaid until Mochitests are working
    • testipcshell can be used to send commands from the chrome process that check the effect of a previous action. for example:
      1. set a preference in chrome using nsIPrefMan (or whatever)
      2. send an ipcshell command to the child process that reads the preference and returns its value to the chrome process
      3. in the chrome process, assert that the value is correct
  • need to make mochitests multi-process clean: content tests shouldn't touch chrome
    • run mochitest-plain tests in content process
    • if a test requests chrome privileges, it will die and need to be fixed
    • chrome mochitests should hopefully be able to run mostly unchanged
  • will we have a global browser object in Electrolysis? will it change? need to talk to UI people?
  • output from Mochitests
    • need to intercept stdout/stderr from child process (nsIProcess2)
    • what naming scheme would be most convenient? to which directory should the log files be written?
  • (future project) semi-automatically explore IPDL state machines
    • easy to drive the exploration automatically; difficulty is in choosing "useful" data values to send in messages
    • might be done through declarations of "interesting good" and "interesting error" values
    • or by a C++/JS interface that returns the same on demand
    • low-priority work
  • can we improve our current crash reporting using Electrolysis?
    • can we use the Necko cache in the chrome process to send more webpage information along with crash report? (in a way that also doesn't violate privacy/security?) (cjones seems to recall a research project that attempted to anononymize such info, will investigate later)
    • enable Breakpad mode that monitors subprocesses
    • can we gather more information in the case where the sword of Damocles wouldn't be hanging over our head in a SIGSEGV handler?
  • priorities
    1. testing plugins
      • Josh Aas is best contact
      • Clint and/or Jonathan might want to join plugin-futures
      • might soon have new influx of tests; talk to Josh/bsmedberg
    2. ramping up IPC-enabled xpcshell
    3. taking xpcshell tests as far as can go before mochitest is up
    4. get mochitest framework running
    5. multi-process clean mochitests
    6. talos! (whoops, we forgot to discuss this)
    7. icing-on-cakes