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A page that diagrams how each of the parts of the Get Involved page operate and how they tie into various systems and programs.

Page Elements


The function of the top part of the page is to let people know Mozilla is a place where they can participate and gets them excited about wanting to take an action to get started contributing.

Three sections:

  • Why Volunteer
    • Landing page with all contribute information
  • Find an Event
    • Events portal (linked to Reps)
  • Meet Mozillians
    • User stories from Mozillians around the world


Number of Mozillians count (from Baloo)

Number of events

Number of countries we are embedded in

Value Proposition

  • Rolling slideshow of reasons to get involved
  • Video
  • Contributor Profiles


Different ways to contact us


The form collects information from people who are wanting to get involved and connects them to people from the relevant functional or regional areas they are interested in.

By Functional Area

Please see full list of Functional areas and stewards at this Google Doc Functional Area Stewards Doc.

Changes to Categories 2014

  • Functional areas expanded to 27 disparate categories
  • Each category has a steward, though some are duplicated in many locations


Each autoresponder also includes a link to the appropriate Guides Forum

By Locale

These are the people handling inquiries in different locales for localized versions of the page.

Note: See also


Strings for the /contribute page can be found at

Strings for auto-response emails can be found at

Note: Text for auto-responses need to be in the correct directory for them to work: bedrock/locale/{LOCALE}/templates/mozorg/emails/{INTEREST_ID}.txt

See also the l10n dashboard for mozorg/contribute.lang

Locale Point Person Responses Tracking bug Status Promoted*
ar info -at- arabicmozilla -dot - org bug 856922 live
bg community -at- bgzilla -dot- org bug 873281 live
bn-BD mak
bn-IN Swarnava Sengupta
bs Kerim Kalamujic bug 795779
cs info -at- mozilla -dot- cz bug 868966 live
cy firefox -at- meddal -dot- com bug 908714 live
de contribute -at- mozilla -dot- de Auto-responses bug 830301 live 15 years
el core -at- mozilla-greece -dot- org bug 841324 live
en-GB leo
es-ES participa -at- mozilla-hispano -dot- org Auto-responses bug 760820 live 15 years
fr contact -at- mozfr -dot- org bug 797839 live 15 years
fy-NL Wim Benes bug 796401 live
ga-IE Brian King (:kinger)
he Tomer Cohen bug 795130
hi-IN Faisal Aziz bug 795364 on stage
hr contribute -at- mozilla-hr -dot- org Auto-responses bug 760823 live
id info -at- mozilla -dot- web -dot- id Auto-responses bug 842122 live 15 years
it collabora -at- mozillaitalia -dot- org Auto-responses bug 884248 live
lg Lawrence Kisuuki bug 854285
lt prisijunk -at- mozilla -dot- lt bug 792107 live
ms community -at- mozilla -dot- my Auto-responses bug 885975 live
my Chit bug 827693
ncj-MX bug 956155
nl contribute -at- mozilla-nl -dot- org Auto-responses bug 796406 live 15 years
nepal avash
philippines bob reyes (:Bobreyes)
pl chcepomoc -at- aviary -dot- pl Auto-responses bug 831987 live
pt-br envolva-se-mozilla-brasil -at- googlegroups -dot- com Auto-responses bug 760821 live 15 years
ro contact -at- mozilla -dot- ro alias bug 799273 live
ru contribute -at- mozilla-russia -dot- org Auto-responses bug 859537 live
sl info -at- mozilla -dot- si bug 830298 live
sq Besnik_b and Mike DuPont Auto-responses bug 795033 live
sr Oskar Ivanić (:icecold) Auto-responses bug 796066 live
sw Stephen Wanjau bug 795488
ta Gauthamraj Elango bug 796062 live
tr bilgi -at- mozilla -dot -org -dot- tr Auto-responses bug 819557 live
vi Arky Ratesh bug 837722
zh-cn contributor-zh-cn -at- mozilla -dot- org Auto-responses bug 795546 live
zh-tw contribute -at- mail.moztw -dot- org Auto-responses bug 795304 live 15 years

Inquiry Workflow

Diagram of EN and non-EN workflows on Get Involved page:


Here is a the detailed workflow:

1. User submits fills our form on Get Involved page.

2. Application sends email to contribute at mozilla dot org

2.1 If in the CCs list [1] there is an entry with the area of interest of the user, include in CC list the email with label as the user's locale (e.g. 'pt-BR'), or if that does not exist, the default email with label 'all'.

3. Check if there is an autoresponse email. Order of preference: Local Email (e.g. under emails/pt-BR/qa.txt), Generic Email (under emails/qa.txt). List with autoresponses here [2].

3.1 In the autoresponse email add a Reply-To header with an email address from this list [3]. As in 2.1 if there is a email address with label as the user's locale, we use this, otherwise we use the generic email with label 'all'.

For the system to work localized we need: 1. Emails per locale and Interest Group to be CCed with the user's email 2. Emails per locale and Interest Group to be Reply-To to the autoresponse 3. Localized autoresponses





This form is reused in a few places.

There is a link in the footer of all pages linking to a version of the form at:

Mozilla Hispano

The Mozilla Hispano community has made an embeddable version of the form. More about that is at:

Reps Events

Reps has also experimented with embedding the Get Involved page in the Events Manager to help potential contributors at offline events get connected to projects.

Canned Responses

Most pathways make use of auto-responses, but there are times when a manual response to an inquiry is appropriate (for instance, if someone contacts us with a question about a pathway that isn't included on the Get Involved page). There is a page with a set of canned responses that may be useful at times.


The section below the form provides people with a way to figure things out on their own and get connected to whatever they may be interested in. There are currently three sections here.


The functional areas listed here are the same as in the drop-down in the form. The difference here is this is presented in a way where people can read about each and click through to find more information without having to go through the form.


This section provides links into different parts of the world map on the Contact page showing where local communities are. This content was more useful before the page was localized and we needed people to self-select the regions they're interested in. Now that the page is localized and people are served the page in their language, having a region picker may be less important.


There is a newsletter sign-up that lets people opt-in to receive regular contribution news. This had been the about:mozilla newsletter that came out once a week and featured relevant contribution posts from Planet. That newsletter is not currently getting sent out.

Time Available

At one time we had a tab that featured contribution opportunities based on the time people had available (only 5 minutes, only an hour, etc). This proved hard to keep updated manually and it quickly got stale. With more robust matching systems, we may be able to put something like this back in a way that's more maintainable.

Hacking the Page

Pull requests to update the Get Involved page and form are welcome. Details of where the relevant files are are below:

HTML files

Form files

Adding Pathways

Need to document how to add new pathways


You can find out metrics related to this page at:

  • Web page stats

Historical Content

Here are some links to historical content about the page that may provide helpful context.