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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • Firebug 1.10 beta 2 tomorrow
    • Bug triage done with FWG members
    • Focusing on blockers and automated tests
    • Hardworking on 1.10 final

  • Script Debugger
    • Last of the aurora fixes have landed.
    • Small improvements landing on 16.
  • Web Console
    • Moving the web console user interface to an iframe.
    • Starting work on remoting the web console through the remote debugging protocol.
    • CSP warnings landed in the web console.
    • Mixed content warnings coming soon.
    • Minor console fixes landing.
  • Source Editor
    • Close to posting a patch for the orion update.
    • Need tests for new fixes.
  • Inspector
    • Fixed a few bugs in aurora/15
    • Fixing unclosable inspector bugs.
    • Rebased the patch for making the rule view easier to read.
  • Style Editor
  • Timeline
    • Enthusiastic, positive response to the timeline so far.
    • Round of usability-focused changes
    • Discussing ways to make it smaller.
  • Security Team
    • Web Console improvements.
    • Localization for CSP stuff underway.
    • More work on CSP in the web console in process.
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar


  • HTTP Monitor: server side initialization sequence API changes.
  • HTTP Monitor: The debugger server root and tab actors should be easily extensible Bug 753401