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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Joe Walker

Firebug 1.10

  • Firebug 1.10 beta 2, on Friday?
    • Probably yes
  • List of 1.10 blockers
  • New option do not delay Firebug load
    • Yes. Needs issue.


  • Simon: In a week I'll be away for two weeks. Then one week free, then more vacation.
  • Honza: Last week in July and second week in August
  • Sebastian: a few days

Automated Tests

  • Test bot builds Firebug XPI from HEAD.



  • Honza: Issue 4742: Feedback from Mozilla Review Process
  • Issue 3011: Breakpoint inside onload handler just triggers every second time
    • If it's hard to fix, leave it
  • Issue 3663: too much recursion when logging array contains itself
  • Honza, Sebastian: Issue 4979: Group console messages
  • Issue 5118: Debugger gets deactivated on page reload
    • If it's hard to fix, leave it
  • Honza: Issue 5120: No longer works on blank tabs
    • Honza: review Sebastian's patch
  • Issue 5200: 'mozInnerScreenX' and other enumerable properties not visible inside the DOM panel
    • Working already
  • Issue 5221: Can't debug code made with console of FB 1.9 but can do it in <1.8
  • (started) Issue 5416: Auto-completion for Command Line API
  • Issue 5418: DOM constants and properties are incorrectly recognized as user-defined properties
  • Honza: Issue 5427: Firebug menu added several times with same ids
  • Issue 5544: Can't set error breakpoint for shallow error
  • Honza: Issue 5590: Better wiki page displayed after pressing F1 in Firebug
  • Issue 2582: Start Button infotip is not reflecting panel enablement immediately
    • It's not a big deal
  • Issue 5503: CSS media query min-width
  • Issue 4938: Firebug hangs the browser on invalid js (too much recursion).

Nice to Have

  • Issue 1700: 'Inspect in DOM panel' for variables during script suspension broken
  • Issue 2617: Net panel header should be fixed on top instead of scrolling with the content
  • Issue 4173: Window/Document menu
  • Issue 4823: Native javascript code color/highlight (without FireRainbow extension)
  • Issue 4989: Separate global UI (browser.xul) from Firebug UI (firebugFrame.xul)
  • Issue 5453: Remove getUserData and setUserData usage

Can't reproduce

  • Issue 5200: 'mozInnerScreenX' and other enumerable properties not visible inside the DOM panel
  • Issue 5488: Selecting in Command Editor doesn't work well

Don't know how to fix

  • Issue 3096: Headers pretty print broken
  • Issue 2865: Net panel response blank, if response type is not the requested type
  • Issue 4649: Firebug causes a second HTTP GET request of @fontface font-files
  • Issue 5546: Some elements fail to display in Firefox 13 with Firebug 1.9.2 installed