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Current Specification

The latest badge specification can be found here:

Below you can see the evolution of our thinking.


Goal 1: Gather possible fields a badge could have.

Goal 2: Determine the minimum set of required fields that a badge should have.

Required Fields

Name of badge
This is simply a UTF-8 String.
Who earned the badge
Not all children and youth are able to something like OpenID accounts, particularly with COPAA requirements. Perhaps site-user-name and/or email address could be used for some badge providers?

Optional Fields

What does the badge signify
Is this different than why was it awarded? There should be minimally descriptive metadata on what the badge represents and optionally any detailed requirements for receiving the badge and who can award (if there are any restrictions) the specific badge. Perhaps permitted issuer(s) or open should be a separate field?
When was the badge acquired
Where was it given
What does it look like?
Dimensions? Description? Caption? Accessibility description?
Multimedia properties?
E.g., Image-type, Video, Interactive SVG, JavaScript, Is it a video, embedded JavaScript, SVG, Canvas, etc. -- HTML5 Canvas since declining support for SVG (thoughts?)
Insignia or device
Sometimes badges can be modified with additional insignia over time. For example, this could be adding stripes to indicate a "level" (or counter) at which you have earned a given rank or badge, to indicate that you've earned a badge more than once, etc. Accessibility description concerns?
Associated Value
This could be a numeric value of what this is worth, e.g., points, karma, etc. This value may be used to distinguish the relative "worth" of badges or the aggregate worth of your badges may unlock certain activities or be used as a way to compare members of a group.
Some badges are part of version control systems and come with a release number.
External URLs
Sometimes a badge may link to URLs to show exactly where or for what you earned a badge.
What badges are first required before you can earn this badge?
Is this badge part of a larger group of badges?
Unlocked properties
Often when you earn a badge it unlocks the ability to pursue other badges or partake in other activities in an organization or on a given system.

Notes, Concerns, Thoughts


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